Opera estate sale

I don’t do garage sales and rarely do estate sales. But I need a muffin pan and when I saw an estate sale sign followed it. It led me to a garage sale where I bought this.

Pusheen, $1

Then I found a dream estate sale, one made for me. The estate belonged to a vocal music teacher, she had a house full of music books, sheet music, books on music and musicians and CDs. And everything was half off. She had the usual household stuff too but I didn’t look at much, just enough to see there were no muffin pans. This was classical music, mostly opera and few people there seemed to give a crap. If it’s not country most people here aren’t interested.

I am a fan of opera, Italian and Fwnch but not German except for Mozart and Beethoven. I love voices, how I recognize certain singers over time and learned to recognize beautiful music that settles in your heart and mind. It becomes familiar and I enjoy hearing different versions of an opera. It can hold up (most of the time) because it is timeless. Surprising since my introduction to classical and opera was, like for most people, Bugs Bunny. But it fit for me, something about opera clicked in place. I’m not esoteric, I also like EDM and punk. But very few people like or admit they like opera.

I now have rent to pay and much less space. Otherwise I would have bought a lot more than this, but I managed to get some wonderful things. I reluctantly put back some CDs and a few books I hope I don’t regret.

Row 1: La Scala recordings 1878-1914 (sealed); La Scala 1915-1946( sealed); Marriage of Figaro 1963 Salzburg festival

Row 2: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Christmas music; Anna Russell album; The Pearl Fishers selections

Row 3: Cecilia Bartoli Mozart arias; Cecilia Bartoli Mozart portraits; Anne Sofie von Otter meets Elvis Costello (sealed)

Row 4: Gershwin Plays Gershwin (sealed) and The Chieftains (for my mother-in-law)

I got these for Lucy, who is a trained soprano

Even the bag was cool

Weird Al

I went to see Weird Al Yankovic last night. The last Weird Al show I saw was more than 15 yrs ago. It was Bear’s first concert and Jerry and I were not the only parents there. This time around I was on my own but I saw lots of kids, lots of families and it made me happy to see.

I was in the cheap seats, general admission. Unfortunately I was behind the sound booth and my pictures aren’t great but I could hear and see enough so I was good.

Back up band was the OKC symphony orchestra

My favorite of the newer songs, Word Crimes. Like many Weird Al parodies, it’s better than the original

He was high fiving people near the stage. Made me wish I paid extra to get closer.

Lots of clips from other shows. This is from Johnny Bravo

He was kidding. Mostly.

Dare to be Stoopid (Stupid) parody in style of Devo. Mark Mothersbaugh said that Al’s version was better than Devo and he hated him for it. Kidding, I think.

Encore. The Saga Begins. The Storm Troopers are a local group.

2nd encore was Yoda. It had to be, he was already in the Jedi robes. This was the highlight for me. I sang the whole song along with him. One of my favorite Weird Al songs period.

Wednesday thrift report

I had my tooth pulled today and took the day off. It’s a good thing, I was swollen and a friend said I looked sick. I took this picture then took a short nap. I felt better after waking up and went to the thrift store and Aldi’s. Then home, I’ve been in my jammies since.

What I bought at the thrift.

I don’t know what it is but this is the 2nd concert swag bag I’ve found in a thrift store. Pink was here a couple of weeks ago, I did not go. But this is the next best thing I guess?

Also bought a 99 cent messenger bag for my son and 2 flannel baby blankets for a craft project. I bought yogurt and honey at Aldi’s.

Depeche score part 2

I went back for the second bag the next day. It was Sunday, colored tag day and the busiest day of the week. Tags of a certain color are 5 for $1, and it can get intense. It’s best to get there early if possible if only to get a shopping cart.

The second bag was there and I plucked it off the wall. Nobody in bags but me. I kept looking, my son wanted a tote bag for work and I can always use cloth grocery bags. I found a generic looking tote bag and a yoga mat bag for myself. Then I found a third DM messenger bag. According to the DM group the bag was exclusive swag for VIP ticket holders and not sold.

I took my stuff and got into the very long line. Blue tags were 5 for $1 and both DM bags had blue tags. So did the yoga mat bag. My total was $1.18.

I sent a bag to the woman who wanted one. She received it and was thrilled. I still have two, tucked in my closet like secret jewels.

Depeche score

I hit the jackpot today, thriftwise. I went into the store looking for sleep pants, didn’t find any I liked and then found This.

I am a Depeche Mode fan, have been since the Reagan administration last century. This is from the last tour, Spirit. I bought a $40 t-shirt, the most expensive garment I currently own. I also got a black tote bag and lanyard with my Tulsa VIP ticket. Haven’t used it yet. I went to 2 shows, in Dallas and Tulsa and they were both incredible and very intense. So I’m a fan, but don’t really have a lot of DM stuff.

I wasn’t sure this was for real but held it up and scrutinized it awhile. It did exist, and I decided I was getting it. This bag was sold on the tour, I don’t know how much it was originally, it probably cost more than my t-shirt. I looked at the tag, at this thrift the cost is half the price on the tag. This bag was fifty cents. Fifty cents! Then I saw there was another one just like it. I bought this one and reluctantly left the other.

After I got home I posted pictures online and a woman asked if I could get the other and she’d pay me for it. So tomorrow I go back and see if it’s still there. I am still stunned I found this but I’ve found extraordinary stuff at this store, like the Wings hockey bear and a Pendleton baby blanket.

Depeche Mode in Tulsa

About 24 hours ago I arrived back to my hotel in Tulsa, sweaty and exhilarated. Depeche Mode was at the BOK Center and I was there. I was on the floor, 9 rows back. Even the ushers told me I had a good seat when they looked at my ticket.

The whole experience was intense and I’m still trying to believe it really happened. My son came back last Thursday and came with me. That was wonderful and it’s been busy and surreal, another reason I’m still trying to believe it’s real. It’s a lot of good stuff I’ve looked forward to and at last it’s here almost at the same time. He didn’t go to the concert, and was okay with it, actually preferred it and I went on my own. People came from all over the US for this and I like to think they felt it was worth it. It was, to me. Security did take my sign, saying it was too big and I was very disappointed. At least I took a picture of the sign, it says Thank you Dave. I listened to a lot of Depeche and Dave’s other music after Jerry passed away, it was a place I felt safe and was a kind of therapy. They also kept us from standing in the aisles to take pictures and dance around. I can understand why, but this was a well behaved crowd, at least where I was. I screamed, danced and sang off key the whole night.

In the words of Martin L. Gore, words are unnecessary, they can only do harm. So here’s a bunch of pictures I took.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I spent the weekend tiling my little bathroom. That is a day and half longer than I planned. I told myself “I can do this in a day, maybe half a day.” I should know better.

I streamed Ultra, raved as I worked. My birthday was Saturday, when I did most of the work. I finished, or gave up, this evening.

I bought the tile at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store, they accept and sell used building supplies. It’s a thrift store. My tile was 8.99 for a box of 20, cheaper than Home Depot and Lowe’s. I started Friday, pulling up the carpet. Cho Chang was fascinated by the giant mystery stain. Tools, primer and the horrors I found, this was my life this weekend. The roller was my favorite thing, most of the other stuff I already had.










Definitely an amateur effort, this is the first time I’ve done this. I learned I can’t cut a straight line to save my life, but no one will see the ragged edges under the trim. Old rusty nailheads will break off, scissors are better than a utility knife and taking breaks to watch hockey will save your sanity. If in the future I ever hire anybody to lay tile I will not complain about the cost. It will be worth it.

Not a thrift store score but close

My best friend and I are going to the ballet this Sunday. She got the tickets as a Christmas present from her sister, but unfortunately her husband can’t go so I get to go. He’s not really broken up about it.

But I need something to wear. So after work I hit a consignment store near my house. Although thrift stores are my usual choice they were having a half price sale so I went and this is what I bought.


Red dots were half off so this was $8

Not my usual style but for $3, okay.

Will wear this tomorrow on my walk

Dress and bag, will wear with knee high boots because it’s going to be cold

MLK day massĀ 

There was a Mass for Martin Luther King day last night at a church I’ve never been to before. Small crowd, bummer since I figured more people would have wanted to come. Maybe it was the cold. 

It was a little different from my church,  the responses were sung,  the music was more gospel and they used a piano instead of organ. They all joined hands during the Our Father (Lord’s Prayer) which sort of freaked me out at first, not used to seeing that or being comfortable touching people, especially ones I don’t know. But the order of Mass was the same so I knew when to kneel, that was good.

I took a few pictures, not many because well, I’m in church and didn’t want to look like a tourist.