Muffin experiment

I thrifted a silicone muffin pan about a week ago. I am not a serious baker, more close to comical. But I’ve been curious about silicone, though loathe to spend a lot on it. I do have a spatula but that’s all.

I made blueberry muffins today, using up some ingredients before they go bad. I used a regular metal pan and the oversize muffin pan I bought for .99. I’ve read different things online, about whether to grease or not grease the pan. So in the interest of science I greased 3 cups and left 3 ungreased. The results below.

I was worried the pan might actually melt. It didn’t

Muffins popped out pretty easily

Ungreased cups have some residue, the greased don’t


Quick thrifting

Today is 75% off day at the thrift on Penn and I only had 20 minutes to shop. Normally this is an event of olympic proportions, the level of skill and preparation that goes into making this trip is not for the easily discouraged. It will also suck up your time. But I only had a few minutes and this is what I came away with.

2 pink fabric storage bins, since we moved I need to organize more and store stuff. 2.98

The rest of it- calendar for next year, clear ruler with Paris landmarks, cookie cutters and a pair of socks. All were. 99

Total was 1.89. The least I’ve spent on 75% off day. Then went and spent a lot more at Aldi’s .


My daughter-in-law wanted to go to Goodwill, she needed khakis for work. The nearest Goodwill was in an upscale area so we went there.

I am not a big fan of Goodwill. Their prices are higher and a history of embezzlement doesn’t help.

This was the first thrift store I’ve been to that had greeters. Like Wal-Mart, someone said “Welcome to Goodwill ” when we walked in. Unexpected but nice, I am used to being ignored by most thrift store employees.

The store was crowded, but not crazy crowded. Red tags were half off and I zeroed in on those. My daughter-in-law went her way and I went mine. She found one pair of pants, most of them were too big, she said. I found a few things, none were red tags.

Belated souvenir, I went to the Space Needle 4 yrs ago

Side view, 55 cents.

My favorite color, Joe’s shirt for cooler weather. $5.35,

Black Chucks, I can always use a another pair. $5.35

The only gripe I had was they played country music overhead. Unfortunately I was without my earbuds.

Goodwill is not my favorite place to thrift, although I like the Goodwill outlet. We may go back, but I’ll remember my earbuds. I didn’t get to look at the book section.

Quick thrift trip

What’s left of the chocolate bunny I bought last night. Easter candy is 75% off at Aldi, spread the word.

I had my hair done today and stopped at the thrift store on the way home. Sort of my Mother’s day gift to myself.

I suck at selfies, this was the best pic. Dark gray shirt, I got it for the embroidery, 99 cents.

Gloves, may get donated at church this fall. Or may not, 29 cents

Bag of padded hangers, I’ve been wanting some for awhile but too cheap to pay retail. Great score, 15 hangers, 3.98.

We’ve had rain and need extra umbrellas. Liked this big old school umbrella, sturdy if a little beat up. A bonus, it’s heavy and could be used as a weapon too, 1.98.

Wednesday thrift report

I had my tooth pulled today and took the day off. It’s a good thing, I was swollen and a friend said I looked sick. I took this picture then took a short nap. I felt better after waking up and went to the thrift store and Aldi’s. Then home, I’ve been in my jammies since.

What I bought at the thrift.

I don’t know what it is but this is the 2nd concert swag bag I’ve found in a thrift store. Pink was here a couple of weeks ago, I did not go. But this is the next best thing I guess?

Also bought a 99 cent messenger bag for my son and 2 flannel baby blankets for a craft project. I bought yogurt and honey at Aldi’s.

Depeche score part 2

I went back for the second bag the next day. It was Sunday, colored tag day and the busiest day of the week. Tags of a certain color are 5 for $1, and it can get intense. It’s best to get there early if possible if only to get a shopping cart.

The second bag was there and I plucked it off the wall. Nobody in bags but me. I kept looking, my son wanted a tote bag for work and I can always use cloth grocery bags. I found a generic looking tote bag and a yoga mat bag for myself. Then I found a third DM messenger bag. According to the DM group the bag was exclusive swag for VIP ticket holders and not sold.

I took my stuff and got into the very long line. Blue tags were 5 for $1 and both DM bags had blue tags. So did the yoga mat bag. My total was $1.18.

I sent a bag to the woman who wanted one. She received it and was thrilled. I still have two, tucked in my closet like secret jewels.

Depeche score

I hit the jackpot today, thriftwise. I went into the store looking for sleep pants, didn’t find any I liked and then found This.

I am a Depeche Mode fan, have been since the Reagan administration last century. This is from the last tour, Spirit. I bought a $40 t-shirt, the most expensive garment I currently own. I also got a black tote bag and lanyard with my Tulsa VIP ticket. Haven’t used it yet. I went to 2 shows, in Dallas and Tulsa and they were both incredible and very intense. So I’m a fan, but don’t really have a lot of DM stuff.

I wasn’t sure this was for real but held it up and scrutinized it awhile. It did exist, and I decided I was getting it. This bag was sold on the tour, I don’t know how much it was originally, it probably cost more than my t-shirt. I looked at the tag, at this thrift the cost is half the price on the tag. This bag was fifty cents. Fifty cents! Then I saw there was another one just like it. I bought this one and reluctantly left the other.

After I got home I posted pictures online and a woman asked if I could get the other and she’d pay me for it. So tomorrow I go back and see if it’s still there. I am still stunned I found this but I’ve found extraordinary stuff at this store, like the Wings hockey bear and a Pendleton baby blanket.