Thrift trip and bonus water heater photos

I stopped by a smaller thrift store I hadn’t been to in awhile. They were playing David Bowie on the overhead so I took my time.

I didn’t get much, the thrift gods were not with me but they were probably smiling on the woman ahead of me. She had a cart full of stuff, mostly clothes. Everybody was wearing a mask and they limited the number of people in the store. Also no country music, it was a good thrift experience.

Another pair of slip-ons. I think this is becoming my look.
Mug for my son, he can use an extra one at work
FREE! They have a basket full of magazines for free, limit 5. Got these for my mother-in-law in FL, she loves the Oprah.
Less than four bucks. I spent more on a chai this morning.

It was a somewhat difficult week here. The water heater started leaking and soaked the floor and basement. Then the electric went out because the water flooded the breaker. We were without electricity and hot water for about a day, not quite as bad it sounds. The landlady let us plug the fridge into an outside outlet. We could still use the bathroom and wash our hands. We had candles and a giant flashlight that night and natural light during the day.

Black Hole of Oklahoma, where the water heater gave up
New water heater, my crowded closet. Thanks to my daughter-in-law’s quick thinking, a lot of baking soda and the vacuum cleaner my floor isn’t squishy.


I am a thrift store snob. I prefer the more obscure, less curated thrift stores, with stuff for a dollar or less, with a grungy feel. I have my favorites but Goodwill isn’t one of them. It is the thrift store version of Olive Garden: part of a chain with a corporate feel, a bit overpriced, but dependable and crowded on the weekends.

That said my first thrift store trip since lockdown was a Goodwill. I will give them credit, the staff wore masks, they had signs and overhead reminders to social distance and most of the customers wore masks. It was safer than Wal-mart.

Magazine holders, 99 cents each. I kept them in the car a day before bringing them inside. Hey, can’t be too careful.
Blank cards. Brand new.

My second trip was yesterday and it was the magical thrift. About half the customers wore masks and the other half didn’t care about distance. It may be because it was 75% off day, you can feel the adrenaline in the air, pandemic or not. I didn’t stay long.

They did try
Some did, they had plexiglass in front of the registers too
Sloth socks. 1.98
Little makeup bag/coin purse
Yoga pants. The label says L but I’m not convinced. But grateful for spandex. .
Practical slip on shoes. Almost bought a similar pair at Target, their shoes were $25. These were $3.74

I didn’t get much. I admit I hoped the stores would be stuffed since everyone was cleaning out their closets during quarantine but there didn’t seem more than the usual amount. But the stores have been open for a few weeks and maybe the early birds got all that good stuff.

The stuff I bought really reflects where we are now. I don’t buy like I used to, when I had more space for stuff but my universe has contracted and it shows. Magazine holders because I’m organizing files and papers for working at home. Tiny makeup bag because I don’t need the bigger bag any more. Yoga pants are about all I wear now, they look like regular pants when I do go outside and I needed another pair. Slip on shoes don’t need socks and since it’s warm now they are comfortable and convenient for when I do wear shoes.

The blank cards and St Patrick’s sloth socks are just things I liked, that I’ll use eventually. Sometimes that’s enough.

Online Thrifting

Although most businesses here have re-opened, including the thrift stores, I haven’t been back. I’m just not comfortable with the idea, personally I don’t think it’s safe. Too many people here are too cavalier about not wearing masks and keeping their distance. It would be my rotten luck to get COVID-19 while in a thrift store. I do not want my epitaph to be “She gave her life for cheap crap.”

So the only shopping I’ve done has been for groceries. I should amend that, the only in person shopping has been groceries. I buy stuff online more than ever. Most is food, like the Chickasaw chocolate (see “Pictures of Food”) and takeout. A lot of curbside and drive-thrus, I appreciate that I can call myself a supporter of local businesses and that I’m helping stimulate the economy but the truth is I like to eat and I’m lazy.

I’ve been working at home but still have to go into the office to pick up materials. Last time I went in I took my laptop in a box. It was awkward and didn’t protect it very well. I vowed not to do that again. The laptop is nearly 17 inches wide. Most laptops are about 15 inches and every backpack and laptop bag I’ve seen online is made for 15 inchers. So I went looking for something big enough to carry my stuff and that didn’t cost a lot.

My usual method, in normal times, would be thrift store. But we do not live in normal times. So I did the next best thing, online thrifting.

I bought this bag to haul my work laptop. from
Stuff/trash/ephemera found in my bag. I’m fascinated by the things left behind and what I can learn about the previous owner. She liked gum and pearl earrings.
My laptop did fit, lengthwise. But the bag is not deep enough, which is my fault for not measuring the entire laptop.

Pictures of food

What has made me feel better, besides limiting my time on social media.

Ordered these online, they arrived in a week. A little more than grocery store chocolate but worth it
2 lbs of cinnamon bears. Go big or go home. I did both
I gave in and ordered a curbside chai in Midtown. I missed you.
I broke down and made chocolate chip cookies. Made with Splenda.
Oatmeal with dried cranberries, or dinner. It was a rainy night and this was perfect.

I haven’t done much but eat, work a little and sleep. Although most businesses are now open, including thrift stores I don’t have the inclination to go out. I miss it, but the possibility of getting sick or making other people get sick is enough to keep me home. Maybe later, I can wait.

Baking post (thrift related)

Like nearly everyone else I am baking. I am staying home, working from home and hoping like everyone else. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, for those of the Christian persuasion. It is pre-Easter, for those observing Lent, the mark that it’s almost over, we’re nearly there and can eat meat, chocolate or do whatever you gave up for Lent soon. I admit I had a coffeeshop chai last week (Starbucks drive-thru). But considering COVID-19 I’m not giving myself a hard time over it. It was a small comfort and I needed it. The number of people infected has gone up and so has the number of dead, not just nationally but locally. I needed that chai.

Spelt flour and regular all-purpose. My first time using spelt, not sure what to expect.

They were lighter in taste and texture than the half wheat muffins. I used generic Splenda and like it better than Stevia.
Thrift store dishtowel.

Baking is a form of self care, to produce something nourishing and delicious for yourself and others. It keeps the hands busy and gives us an occupation, it is a small example of how order still exists. The reassurance of following a routine and having something to show for it. So I made muffins.

Thrifting in spite of everything

We are in a pandemic right now. Coronavirus is shutting down schools, businesses and travel is restricted. The hockey season is suspended. It’s not known how many people are sick or even how many have died (it’s likely China has under reported the true number of dead, to save face).

So far we’ve been spared. There was one confirmed case of Coronavirus and it was 100 miles from here. Fortunately the patient recovered and there are no other reported cases so far.

People are still scared and freaking out. There’s been a run on hand sanitizer and toilet paper like in the rest of the country. The grocery store shelves are empty, canned goods especially.

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Spent Some Money

Fortunately it’s payday, because I bought stuff. I took today off for booksale but it was also 75% off day at the magic thrift store. I call it magic because I’ve found some incredible things there. So I went out for a bagel this morning and started my day.

My first stop was the 75% off sale. They opened at 9am and I got there a few minutes before opening. The parking lot was full and there were 2 long lines of people waiting to get in at both entrances.

There was a rush for shopping carts, it was similar to Black Friday at Target. Busy, very crowded but civil. I didn’t get a cart, easier to move around and it sort of guaranteed I wouldn’t just grab stuff for the heck of it.

I did though. I piled clothes over my left arm, held stuff with that hand and kept going. I wore a hoodie with a big kangaroo pocket up front. My money and keys were in it and my phone was in my jeans pocket. They have a policy against backpacks and large bags.

Most of the time I just go to see what the thrift gods offer. Today I went with a specific purpose, to find workout clothes, leggings to wear under my pants and for yoga and extra socks. I wear 2 pairs when I walk.

I stayed for an hour, the lines at the register were growing by this time and people kept coming in.

From 75% off day.

Socks, 1.98 each except polar bears were 2.98. That made them 50 cents a pair and bear socks were a hefty 75 cents.
Leggings, 9.98 but today 2.50. I didn’t notice one leg was longer than the other til now. Oh well. Nobody’s going to see them anyway.
Leggings, also 9.98 and on sale for 2.50.
From a consignment store, $1 on clearance. Fitted, like too tight to wear in public but good for layering or yoga at home. Again, clothes nobody will see me in.

Then I went to booksale. I had only 45 minutes and this was the receipt for my first purchase.

I had to pick up my daughter-in-law from work. Got us home, dropped off my thrift store stuff (and daughter-in-law), ate and went back. They stamp your hand when you go inside, so you can come back. I was grateful for it.

Booksale. I was there 3 hrs, filled a small suitcase and large tote bag. Penguin and bear seem to approve.
Got my hand stamped, looks like a giant insect bite.
Free books! They didn’t last long.

75% Off Day

I try to hit 75% off day when it happens but I have other commitments and stuff to do on Friday afternoon. I can go in but I can’t really look around or linger. Yet the thrill of the chase and my general cheapness draw me there.

So I set my phone alarm for 10 minutes and limited myself to just one section, general accessories: hats, socks, scarves and gloves. It’s not a mosh pit like womens clothes so I got a good look at stuff.

New purple knit gloves, pink socks and red pink hat and receipt. I’m proud of it too.

Total 1.90.
I’ve started walking again, going before work. It snowed 2 days ago and most of it is gone now. Snow does not last long here so I took a few pictures. I’ll be wearing my 75% off stuff on my walks staying warm.

A different kind of thrift store

I went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore today. It’s not one of my usual stops but it’s a neat place and they have cheap stuff. Some is used, some new. Most of their inventory is building supplies and used furniture but they have other items, like the cheap mailing envelopes I went to buy.

They sell everything from bed sheets to actual beds. Not sure about their policy on pictures so I took this from the back corner.
In case you need a couple of burlap sacks
they got you covered
I was really tempted by these weird old dishes. Look at the images, imagine the story they tell.
Empty cradle. Changeling? I like the trim around the edge.
Dining room table, abandoned for some reason. Bit of a glare. Another shopper saw me take this picture. She went down another aisle.

Thrift bakeware

I never looked at the cooking section of thrift stores until now. It always seemed like a bunch of old scratched up rusty crap and since I had my own scratched up rusty crap at home I left it alone.

I’ve started looking at it and there is old, scratched up and rusty but there are treasures lurking underneath. Like this cake pan I found today.

It’s a Calphalon cake pan, it’s very heavy and should be durable. I could probably fling this at someone and knock them out, if I aimed well.

This was 1.49 since it’s a half price thrift store. Retail is 20.99, according to the Calphalon website.

I also did something else unexpected. I went to Wal-mart and bought a crockpot. I rarely buy anything new so I was really excited about this.

It is the basic model, the old style, the one everyone’s mom or grandma owns.

I made vegetarian chili, some of the ingredients

The results. Click on the picture to get the recipe.

I looked online for recipes and found this on the Sprouts website. It’s 4 Bean Chili.