Saturday thrift

I am the queen of black skirts. I have 4 long ones and 1 medium length. Now I have 4 medium length. I don’t know if I’m drawn to them or they find me but here are the 3 from today.

Wasn’t sure it would fit so I pulled it on over my jeans. In the aisle, had some struggle getting back out of it. 99 cents

Gathered at both sides, floaty and stretchy. 1.48

Silver zipper, will probably never use it. 80’s punk vibe I responded to in a big way. 2.98

My true nature comes out. Not a Buffalo fan but I buy hockey shirts and stuff unless it’s Chicago. They know why. Weird stains but I will just sleep in it if the stains don’t come out. 1.98

Also had an uncanny thrift experience, I went in looking for something specific and found it. This never happens, almost never happens.

I was looking for 2 plain white pillowcases and found them, 99 cents each. The thrift gods were good to me. Or it could be another thrift corallary: when an offering is made to the thrift gods a boon is granted. This morning after the royal wedding I dropped off several trash bags of old clothes and unmatched linens at Goodwill. It was good stuff, 100% cotton and some cotton/poly, no microfiber. Microfiber is the devil, it’s slimy feeling stuff and I find a lot of it in the thrifts. People realize how crappy it is after they buy it and ditch it. It’s almost as common as pilled fleece throws.

She surprised me too. Didn’t buy but sure she’ll find a good home.


Friday thrift score

I went back to the thrift store where I found my thrift grail, the Wings bear. It wasn’t earth-shaking but I did okay. I found 3 things– a dress, pair of gloves and a lampshade. Unfortunately the lampshade didn’t fit but it was only .99, everything was 75% off. The dress is soaking in the sink and I ‘m going to listen to the Bolts-Caps game since I can’t watch it.

Photo doesn’t do the dress jusrice. It’s fitted, with a zipper closure and has pockets. The pockets sold me. 1.50

Thinsulate gloves for winter. I had a similar pair but lost one. 75 cents

Sunday garage sale scores

Although I love thrift stores I usually avoid garage sales like the plague. But today was the exception, I stopped at one in an older neighborhood of nice houses. I figured they might have a better class of crap. I was not disappointed.

These are from 1949. 75 cents each. They had more and now I’m sorry I only bought four.

We are bears, my son’s nickname is Bear. Gentleman holding the sale said his office was Bear-themed but his wife made him change it.

I don’t need serving platters but for 50 cents each, I think I might.

Another set of full size sheets for me. So I can put off laundry a little longer.

This dude is heavier than he looks. I liked his eyes. Also a bear

I just like this house.

Thrift store grail

Every thrifter has that one great score, something they brag about, take pictures of, tell absolute strangers about, and tell the story for years. An epic.

I had the most epic, best thrift run ever yesterday. It renews your faith in all that is good in the world. It makes those thrift expeditions that yielded nothing and all those stores full of useless crap worth it.

The parking lot was full, a good sign. I was feeling lousy, having just paid for my car tag and being broke but not too broke to hit the thrift store. I saw a sign stating everything was 75% off and went looking for plastic hangers since they usually sell a dozen bundled for 99 cents. I didn’t find any hangers.

Right now he’s hanging out with Doraemon. 9 inches tall

Yoga mat bag. I’ve been wanting one awhile.

Panda sleep pants and socks. The tag said small but these are a ginormous small.

Zipped satin pillow covers. I don’t like my pillows to be naked under their cases. Feels good too

This is an epic score. Kliban cat pillowcase from the 80’s.

The Holy Grail. I didn’t know this existed but I think I squealed when I pulled him out and saw the winged wheel on his uniform. Probably scared Domo.

The total. I asked if they were going out of business but the cashier said no, they do it every 2 weeks. I’ll be back.

There were a couple other things, another pillow cover and bag of votive candles. I hit the thrift across the street and bought some pillow shams and a pair of gray gloves but this was the major stuff. Things I needed, wanted and it was 75% off.


I spent the weekend tiling my little bathroom. That is a day and half longer than I planned. I told myself “I can do this in a day, maybe half a day.” I should know better.

I streamed Ultra, raved as I worked. My birthday was Saturday, when I did most of the work. I finished, or gave up, this evening.

I bought the tile at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store, they accept and sell used building supplies. It’s a thrift store. My tile was 8.99 for a box of 20, cheaper than Home Depot and Lowe’s. I started Friday, pulling up the carpet. Cho Chang was fascinated by the giant mystery stain. Tools, primer and the horrors I found, this was my life this weekend. The roller was my favorite thing, most of the other stuff I already had.










Definitely an amateur effort, this is the first time I’ve done this. I learned I can’t cut a straight line to save my life, but no one will see the ragged edges under the trim. Old rusty nailheads will break off, scissors are better than a utility knife and taking breaks to watch hockey will save your sanity. If in the future I ever hire anybody to lay tile I will not complain about the cost. It will be worth it.


I did the long walk again today. It was better than last week, probably because of the weather, cold and windy.

It was also the day of the Pad Test. I wore a sanitary pad because I have an old and fussy bladder. I try to empty it but there are secret pockets somewhere in my bladder that appear and act up at the most inconvenient places. This is probably more than anyone needs (or wants) to know but it’s a fact of getting older and pain in the butt. I can find a spot along the trail where I can do my business but today that didn’t happen. There were more runners than usual out today, ironically the running club was on the same path as me. I couldn’t pull over because I’d be exposed and nobody wants that. So I tested the stamina of the pad. It held up but alas it had its limits and I found them. Found and exceeded them. It was not pleasant.

I also learned the value of black or dark colored pants, they camouflage a lot of shame. Polyester and lycra are your friends, they dry faster. Not necessarily the lessons I wanted to learn but sometimes knowledge is not pretty.

The walk was good. I took a few pictures. After I went home, showered and felt presentable I had a wonderful plate of bliss, wild onions, then went to Sally Ann. Everything was half price for St Patrick’s day.

By this time I got my phone out they’were flying

Wild onions

Sheet set

Resting. My feet are sore.

Receipt. Two bucks, half off

The advantages of being alone

This was tonight’s dinner

With Valentines Day coming up there are ads, pictures, and stories about how glorious it is to be part of a couple. There are also the rebuttals, defending the right to be single and the glories of singleness. This isn’t exactly rebuttal, if you are with someone, good for you. I was married myself for years so being alone and single is something I’m still getting used to after 3 years.

Being single in your 20’s and 30’s is different from being single when you are 50. Most examples of older women are sad: about a lonely widow, a sad childless single woman, women struggling on limited incomes and the stereotypical cat lady. There is the rare happy older woman, usually eccentric but still pitied and looked at with condescension.

So as an old broad who is alone, single, without a partner I’ve made a list of the good things about my status.

1. Less laundry. I do my laundry once a week, one load. No last minute surprises, no extra work. Sorting and folding take a few minutes.

2. Toilet paper lasts longer. Also the bathroom, especially the floor, stays cleaner longer. This should probably be #1.

3. I can change plans without having to check with someone else, or worry that he will be inconvenienced or it will cause any conflicts.

4. I don’t have to go to events I don’t want to attend either, to appease a partner.

5. I can have the TV on late at night and read in bed late if I want to, without guilt. Also I can turn off the TV and have quiet if I want.

6. Freedom to watch what TV shows I want and if I get netflix again, to binge watch if I want when I want.

7. I can buy groceries early in the morning, run errands on my own schedule. Don’t have to wait on another person.

8. Since it’s just me I don’t have to cook every day or make complete meals. Tonight I had a bowl of cereal for dinner. All I have to clean up is a bowl and spoon. Brilliant.

9. I do live with a cat, do not need to worry about another person’s possible allergies, dislike of cats, whether their pet gets along with mine or other problems.

10. No drama. I don’t worry if my partner is faithful, about his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, gambling debts, drug addiction or anything unexpected. My husband was a no drama guy, so I was very fortunate but know some women aren’t.

11. I can keep the thermostat on 70 degrees if I want. No complaints that it’s too hot.

12. I can spend money without consulting another person. As long as the bills are paid, there is food in the fridge and gas in the car I can buy a concert ticket, pair of shoes or go on a thrift store shopping spree with no worry and a clear conscience.