Thrift trip and bonus water heater photos

I stopped by a smaller thrift store I hadn’t been to in awhile. They were playing David Bowie on the overhead so I took my time.

I didn’t get much, the thrift gods were not with me but they were probably smiling on the woman ahead of me. She had a cart full of stuff, mostly clothes. Everybody was wearing a mask and they limited the number of people in the store. Also no country music, it was a good thrift experience.

Another pair of slip-ons. I think this is becoming my look.
Mug for my son, he can use an extra one at work
FREE! They have a basket full of magazines for free, limit 5. Got these for my mother-in-law in FL, she loves the Oprah.
Less than four bucks. I spent more on a chai this morning.

It was a somewhat difficult week here. The water heater started leaking and soaked the floor and basement. Then the electric went out because the water flooded the breaker. We were without electricity and hot water for about a day, not quite as bad it sounds. The landlady let us plug the fridge into an outside outlet. We could still use the bathroom and wash our hands. We had candles and a giant flashlight that night and natural light during the day.

Black Hole of Oklahoma, where the water heater gave up
New water heater, my crowded closet. Thanks to my daughter-in-law’s quick thinking, a lot of baking soda and the vacuum cleaner my floor isn’t squishy.

Thrift Caveat

I bought a bag of greeting cards at a thrift store awhile back. There were some nice Christmas cards inside and I planned to send them.

I opened it to see the inside and to sign my name. It’s a good thing I did.

All of the cards, this design, were already signed. One of the perils of buying used. I’ve got backup cards I can use, and plan to keep buying those mystery bags of greeting cards at the thrifts. I hope the Martinez family is having a good Christmas, wherever they are.

Recent thrift scores

My thrifting has gone downhill. I did check out a new to me thrift store, it benefits a women’s charity. There was a rack of beautiful embroidered cotton dresses and caftans but all I got was a couple of pink pillowcases. I’ll probably go back when I’m on my way to the 16th street thrift.

But I scored at the 16th street store. I have a thing for Sandra Boynton stuff. I have some of her books but gave a few to my nephew. Way back in the day (the 80’s) she had a line of coffee mugs and bed linens. I collect them like Pokemon. So I pounced on this when I saw it. I didn’t even look at the price.

Comforter, twin/full size. Big enough to cover the floor. I like all Boynton’s animals but I think her hippos are my favorite. 12.99.

Twin size sheet set, still crisp.Like it was used once and put away. Even my shadow doesn’t detract, much 4.98

Reverse side of comforter. I still haven’t used it, yet.