Another cooking/thrift post

I’ve been wanting to make soup, it’s been cold and I know I need to eat more vegetables. I don’t cook much, but this idea of homemade healthy soup would not go away.

Unfortunately we have only one big pot; we left a lot of stuff behind when we moved. The pot is currently being used, so I hit the thrift store looking for another. Granted, I could have gone back to the house and rummaged around for the other pot but I don’t do things that way.

I bought this for 4.99

I finally made the soup I’ve been wanting. Recipe from Food Network.

I also made to 75% off day at another thrift store. I didn’t get much, just socks and pair of gloves. But these were a definite score. Pendleton socks for .50. I love 75% off day.

Super Thrift Store Day

Yesterday was National Thrift Store Day. Salvation Army even sent me an email about it, no sales just a heads up. I did observe it, at the half price thrift. Bear came along and even bought my stuff. He got his first paycheck so it was celebrating all around.

Vera zip ID case and flip flops. I like Vera flip flops but couldn’t bring myself to pay a lot for them. But here, sure. Like that googly eye print. Case .99 flip flops 3.49

This blew my mind. I think this store might be enchanted, I found the Wings bear here and now this.

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Pendleton blankets are a big deal in the Indian world. They are usually given as gifts, as a show of respect and sometimes to show off a little. They are nice wool blankets, warm and durable. Finding one, with tags, in the thrift store stunned me. My first instinct was to give it to my new nephew but knowing the significance of these blankets made me wonder how it ended up there. Hard to imagine someone just tossing it without good reason. But I wasn’t going to let it stay there either. It’s still an epic score, along the lines of the Wings bear. I also got some potholders but they weren’t dramatic enough for pictures.

4th of July thrift trip

Salvation Army had a 50% off clothes sale today and I had to go. I took my son, he didn’t really want to go but he found a couple of books and a suit jacket for job interviews. We were there early but on a time limit of 30 minutes. I could have probably found more but this is my low key haul. Shoes for work, workout clothes and long sleeved shirt.

I know it’s ironic being an Indian wearing an Eskimo Joe’s shirt. I don’t know any Inuit people and don’t know what they would make of it. It is cartoony and not pretending to say “I’m honoring your culture.” Joe’s is a bar and restaurant with great cheese fries and a store selling Joe’s merchandise in Stillwater. It’s the home of OSU, my alma mater. I admit I have some mixed feelings about it but sentiment won out. Incidentally Eskimo Joe’s is only one of a chain of ethnic restaurants. There is Mexico Joe’s and Joeseppi’s (Italian).

Today’s total was 7.56.

Depeche Mode in Tulsa

About 24 hours ago I arrived back to my hotel in Tulsa, sweaty and exhilarated. Depeche Mode was at the BOK Center and I was there. I was on the floor, 9 rows back. Even the ushers told me I had a good seat when they looked at my ticket.

The whole experience was intense and I’m still trying to believe it really happened. My son came back last Thursday and came with me. That was wonderful and it’s been busy and surreal, another reason I’m still trying to believe it’s real. It’s a lot of good stuff I’ve looked forward to and at last it’s here almost at the same time. He didn’t go to the concert, and was okay with it, actually preferred it and I went on my own. People came from all over the US for this and I like to think they felt it was worth it. It was, to me. Security did take my sign, saying it was too big and I was very disappointed. At least I took a picture of the sign, it says Thank you Dave. I listened to a lot of Depeche and Dave’s other music after Jerry passed away, it was a place I felt safe and was a kind of therapy. They also kept us from standing in the aisles to take pictures and dance around. I can understand why, but this was a well behaved crowd, at least where I was. I screamed, danced and sang off key the whole night.

In the words of Martin L. Gore, words are unnecessary, they can only do harm. So here’s a bunch of pictures I took.


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I did the long walk again today. It was better than last week, probably because of the weather, cold and windy.

It was also the day of the Pad Test. I wore a sanitary pad because I have an old and fussy bladder. I try to empty it but there are secret pockets somewhere in my bladder that appear and act up at the most inconvenient places. This is probably more than anyone needs (or wants) to know but it’s a fact of getting older and pain in the butt. I can find a spot along the trail where I can do my business but today that didn’t happen. There were more runners than usual out today, ironically the running club was on the same path as me. I couldn’t pull over because I’d be exposed and nobody wants that. So I tested the stamina of the pad. It held up but alas it had its limits and I found them. Found and exceeded them. It was not pleasant.

I also learned the value of black or dark colored pants, they camouflage a lot of shame. Polyester and lycra are your friends, they dry faster. Not necessarily the lessons I wanted to learn but sometimes knowledge is not pretty.

The walk was good. I took a few pictures. After I went home, showered and felt presentable I had a wonderful plate of bliss, wild onions, then went to Sally Ann. Everything was half price for St Patrick’s day.

By this time I got my phone out they’were flying

Wild onions

Sheet set

Resting. My feet are sore.

Receipt. Two bucks, half off

A very long walk

I did this yesterday. My intention was to do, to try walking 10 miles. The running club had a training run of 10 miles for the half marathon runners, 20 for the full marathon. I couldn’t make their scheduled run so did my own. I did the 10, did more and surprised the heck out of myself. This is the longest walk I’ve done, outside of the actual half marathon. I’m not bragging, but admit impressed by my short stubby legs.

I am very slow, this took me 3 hours and 34 minutes. I want to transition from walking to running but right now distance is more important than speed. The race I’m training for is next month and I just want to be able to do it without feeling like I’m going to die. The way I felt the first time I did it. My entire body hurt and my legs ached. I’m glad to say only my feet hurt this time around. My legs complained but we’re still friends.

I know there are people who will finish the complete marathon before I can finish the half. I’m trying to not feel badly, I remind myself I’m a non-athletic person who hated PE and never played sports in school because I was chubby and awkward. I’m also going to be 53 years old when I do the race and there are lots of people my age who wish they could do the same but can’t. I’m going to be one of the few brown people out there. So I try to remember all this when I don’t feel like walking or that it doesn’t matter.



My day

This was an epic day, in that it was full of extraordinary stuff, journeys and purpose.

It started early this morning. Cho Chang woke me up and I got dressed to do the Saturday training run.Today was 10 miles for full marathon and 5 miles for the half people.

It wasn’t fecking cold like last week but still cold. I followed the instructions from Facebook but still missed the turn, like last week. What was supposed to be 5 miles was a little more. I also lost my car in the huge but empty parking lot, like every time.

Then I went to get a croissant and felt bloated after. I had about an hour to kill til the Womens March. NPR had the best headline I saw,” Still Pretty Damn Mad.” There were more non white women, more kids, dogs and some anxious looking men. I was glad to see lots of other old broads out there too. Before the march kicked off they asked for indigenous women and Dreamers to lead, so I headed up front. I found a friend of mine from an Internet group and asked her to come up too but she has back and pain issues so I went ahead while she waited.

The actual march was short, about 3 blocks with cops escorting us. There were speeches after, t-shirts for sale and lots of groups with sign up sheets. We hung out awhile but the crowd started to thin out. I left, said bye to my friend and her husband and went to get an Indian taco.

I changed my mind about the taco and opted for pashofa and grape dumplings. After the croissant I didn’t feel like much like bread. I inhaled the pashofa and dumplings.

Then I finally conked out, took a nap with Cho and took a shower and washed my hair at last. It’s been a good day to be indigenous.


I got downtown for the last day of Indian Christmas trees. A few trees were already taken down so I missed those. But with Epiphany coming up its the last Christmas thing I’ll do, besides take down my own Indian Christmas tree.

Red Earth Art Gallery. Google could just say ‘across from the Skirvin, look for the buffaloes ‘

Docent’s tree, the corn is beaded.

Of course this is the first tribal tree I’m going to show

And the second, Choctaw tree

Comanche tree skirt

Kiowa tree

Kaw tree. Like the roach

Comanche tree, think I got these out of order

Pawnee tree. The top of the trees are my favorite parts

Seminole tree.

Sac and Fox tree, like the Jim Thorpe ornament

Caddo tree

Cherokee tree

Citizen Potawatomi tree skirt

Citizen Potawatomi tree

Osage tree

Chickasaws had a revolving tree. Shamed us out

Mini me Guardian statue.

Saw this on my way to the bathroom. Not identified, no title or artist but I like it.