75% Off Day

I try to hit 75% off day when it happens but I have other commitments and stuff to do on Friday afternoon. I can go in but I can’t really look around or linger. Yet the thrill of the chase and my general cheapness draw me there.

So I set my phone alarm for 10 minutes and limited myself to just one section, general accessories: hats, socks, scarves and gloves. It’s not a mosh pit like womens clothes so I got a good look at stuff.

New purple knit gloves, pink socks and red pink hat and receipt. I’m proud of it too.

Total 1.90.
I’ve started walking again, going before work. It snowed 2 days ago and most of it is gone now. Snow does not last long here so I took a few pictures. I’ll be wearing my 75% off stuff on my walks staying warm.

Tornado day

Today was the most dangerous day, the entire state was, still is, under tornado and thunderstorm warnings. Did not know this two weeks ago when I chose this as my day off.

I planned to go out of town with my family but as the entire state was under warning it didn’t seem like a good idea. So we went to the mall across town. Not long after we arrived we saw stores closing early.

We came prepared, my daughter-in-law made a bag, a grocery bag, of snacks. Originally for the road trip, we brought it with us. Seemed a shame to leave it. We hung out, walked around to see what was closed and what was still open. Then we had a picnic in the food court. It was almost deserted and nobody cared. I bought drinks at the Cajun place and we checked our phones for updates. So far nothing, just wind. Good.

The cliche “when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping ” happened. Stores are closing all around us, people are fleeing, there’s potential disaster outside and I’m buying stuff.

What’s left of the peach slices and salted chocolate caramels. Lady at the candy store told me her husband called and said his bank and the grocery store were closed.

I needed a pillow. Also half price

I rarely buy clothes outside of a thrift store but this looked soothing and comfortable and it was on sale.

It is raining now, and will continue most of the night, according to the Weather Channel. Most of the danger has passed, though there may be flooding. But we can deal with that later.

New Year’s 2018

This morning I got up and drove across town to go walk at Lake Hefner. A running club was going to run the dam before it’s closed for construction starting tomorrow,  probably forever or close to it. The Dam Run on the Dam Road in the Dam Cold. And it was cold, 10 degrees this morning. About 20 other insane people showed up, bundled up and did this thing. One TV channel even sent a shivering reporter.

I walked it, making me the last person in.  A turtle stampeding through peanut butter. I can also say I’ve peed outside at two locations now, there were no port-a-potties on the trail.

I bundled up, this is what I wore.

  • Underwear, the regular kind
  • Long sleeve knit top
  • Fitted fleece lined hoodie
  • Insulated jacket
  • Fleece lined leggings
  • Pants with mesh lining
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Knit cap
  • 2 pairs of gloves, thin pair and fleece pair
  • Running shoes

I also took kleenex, my ID and money, my phone and earbuds. Got to have brunch then come home to watch the Winter Classic and my guy Lundqvist. It was colder here than NY.

Cho slept through the fireworks and guns shot off at midnight.

The full run was 10 miles but I turned back early. My longest walk since summer.

Icy lake water, some places were frozen.

Tiny Bear wishes everyone a Happy New Year and black-eyed peas.


It’s a big deal here, huge. We get snow every year, usually after Christmas, and we lose our collective minds. We as a people forget how to drive on packed down snow and ice. We think we’re going to be snowbound for weeks and stock up on groceries and toilet paper. We close schools, cancel church and social events but there are still plenty of people out there sliding around on the roads creating havoc. 

I’m determined to not be a part of it. I am at home, with food, electricity, heat, running water and internet. There’s no reason to go out. As the news people say, as they are standing on an icy bridge or in the cold, if you don’t need to get out don’t. 

The snow here is about an inch, maybe two. Two at most. In other parts of the country or the world that’s nothing, laughable even.  I will survive, as long as I have Internet service and cat food.  

I have no plans to grill either.