Late thrift post

I’ve been wanting to thrift for awhile. On Friday I stopped at one of my usual stops while running errands and then I hit 2 new thrift stores on Saturday.

I’ve wanted a shoe bag/organizer for awhile but balked at the price. Bought on Friday, 4.98

Dollar Tree door hooks and bungee cords

Red skirt and matching fuzzy socks. From the 1st new thrift. Skirt 2.98, socks .98

White jacket from the same store. Has some stains, pulled from clearance bin, .25

2nd thrift store stuff. Boynton mug .99, mini muffin pan 1.49, housewares were 25% off. Paperbacks were .35 each. Also got a free discount card

Flannel flamingo pajamas, 2nd thrift. Would have bought these for full (thrift) price. 4.98

In the spirit of thrift, my daughter-in-law cut my hair last night. She saved me $40 plus tip, what my hairdresser charges.

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