My daughter-in-law wanted to go to Goodwill, she needed khakis for work. The nearest Goodwill was in an upscale area so we went there.

I am not a big fan of Goodwill. Their prices are higher and a history of embezzlement doesn’t help.

This was the first thrift store I’ve been to that had greeters. Like Wal-Mart, someone said “Welcome to Goodwill ” when we walked in. Unexpected but nice, I am used to being ignored by most thrift store employees.

The store was crowded, but not crazy crowded. Red tags were half off and I zeroed in on those. My daughter-in-law went her way and I went mine. She found one pair of pants, most of them were too big, she said. I found a few things, none were red tags.

Belated souvenir, I went to the Space Needle 4 yrs ago

Side view, 55 cents.

My favorite color, Joe’s shirt for cooler weather. $5.35,

Black Chucks, I can always use a another pair. $5.35

The only gripe I had was they played country music overhead. Unfortunately I was without my earbuds.

Goodwill is not my favorite place to thrift, although I like the Goodwill outlet. We may go back, but I’ll remember my earbuds. I didn’t get to look at the book section.

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