Weird Al

I went to see Weird Al Yankovic last night. The last Weird Al show I saw was more than 15 yrs ago. It was Bear’s first concert and Jerry and I were not the only parents there. This time around I was on my own but I saw lots of kids, lots of families and it made me happy to see.

I was in the cheap seats, general admission. Unfortunately I was behind the sound booth and my pictures aren’t great but I could hear and see enough so I was good.

Back up band was the OKC symphony orchestra

My favorite of the newer songs, Word Crimes. Like many Weird Al parodies, it’s better than the original

He was high fiving people near the stage. Made me wish I paid extra to get closer.

Lots of clips from other shows. This is from Johnny Bravo

He was kidding. Mostly.

Dare to be Stoopid (Stupid) parody in style of Devo. Mark Mothersbaugh said that Al’s version was better than Devo and he hated him for it. Kidding, I think.

Encore. The Saga Begins. The Storm Troopers are a local group.

2nd encore was Yoda. It had to be, he was already in the Jedi robes. This was the highlight for me. I sang the whole song along with him. One of my favorite Weird Al songs period.

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