4th of July thrift trip

Salvation Army had a 50% off clothes sale today and I had to go. I took my son, he didn’t really want to go but he found a couple of books and a suit jacket for job interviews. We were there early but on a time limit of 30 minutes. I could have probably found more but this is my low key haul. Shoes for work, workout clothes and long sleeved shirt.

I know it’s ironic being an Indian wearing an Eskimo Joe’s shirt. I don’t know any Inuit people and don’t know what they would make of it. It is cartoony and not pretending to say “I’m honoring your culture.” Joe’s is a bar and restaurant with great cheese fries and a store selling Joe’s merchandise in Stillwater. It’s the home of OSU, my alma mater. I admit I have some mixed feelings about it but sentiment won out. Incidentally Eskimo Joe’s is only one of a chain of ethnic restaurants. There is Mexico Joe’s and Joeseppi’s (Italian).

Today’s total was 7.56.


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