Saturday thrift

I am the queen of black skirts. I have 4 long ones and 1 medium length. Now I have 4 medium length. I don’t know if I’m drawn to them or they find me but here are the 3 from today.

Wasn’t sure it would fit so I pulled it on over my jeans. In the aisle, had some struggle getting back out of it. 99 cents

Gathered at both sides, floaty and stretchy. 1.48

Silver zipper, will probably never use it. 80’s punk vibe I responded to in a big way. 2.98

My true nature comes out. Not a Buffalo fan but I buy hockey shirts and stuff unless it’s Chicago. They know why. Weird stains but I will just sleep in it if the stains don’t come out. 1.98

Also had an uncanny thrift experience, I went in looking for something specific and found it. This never happens, almost never happens.

I was looking for 2 plain white pillowcases and found them, 99 cents each. The thrift gods were good to me. Or it could be another thrift corallary: when an offering is made to the thrift gods a boon is granted. This morning after the royal wedding I dropped off several trash bags of old clothes and unmatched linens at Goodwill. It was good stuff, 100% cotton and some cotton/poly, no microfiber. Microfiber is the devil, it’s slimy feeling stuff and I find a lot of it in the thrifts. People realize how crappy it is after they buy it and ditch it. It’s almost as common as pilled fleece throws.

She surprised me too. Didn’t buy but sure she’ll find a good home.


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