Thrift store grail

Every thrifter has that one great score, something they brag about, take pictures of, tell absolute strangers about, and tell the story for years. An epic.

I had the most epic, best thrift run ever yesterday. It renews your faith in all that is good in the world. It makes those thrift expeditions that yielded nothing and all those stores full of useless crap worth it.

The parking lot was full, a good sign. I was feeling lousy, having just paid for my car tag and being broke but not too broke to hit the thrift store. I saw a sign stating everything was 75% off and went looking for plastic hangers since they usually sell a dozen bundled for 99 cents. I didn’t find any hangers.

Right now he’s hanging out with Doraemon. 9 inches tall

Yoga mat bag. I’ve been wanting one awhile.

Panda sleep pants and socks. The tag said small but these are a ginormous small.

Zipped satin pillow covers. I don’t like my pillows to be naked under their cases. Feels good too

This is an epic score. Kliban cat pillowcase from the 80’s.

The Holy Grail. I didn’t know this existed but I think I squealed when I pulled him out and saw the winged wheel on his uniform. Probably scared Domo.

The total. I asked if they were going out of business but the cashier said no, they do it every 2 weeks. I’ll be back.

There were a couple other things, another pillow cover and bag of votive candles. I hit the thrift across the street and bought some pillow shams and a pair of gray gloves but this was the major stuff. Things I needed, wanted and it was 75% off.


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