My day

This was an epic day, in that it was full of extraordinary stuff, journeys and purpose.

It started early this morning. Cho Chang woke me up and I got dressed to do the Saturday training run.Today was 10 miles for full marathon and 5 miles for the half people.

It wasn’t fecking cold like last week but still cold. I followed the instructions from Facebook but still missed the turn, like last week. What was supposed to be 5 miles was a little more. I also lost my car in the huge but empty parking lot, like every time.

Then I went to get a croissant and felt bloated after. I had about an hour to kill til the Womens March. NPR had the best headline I saw,” Still Pretty Damn Mad.” There were more non white women, more kids, dogs and some anxious looking men. I was glad to see lots of other old broads out there too. Before the march kicked off they asked for indigenous women and Dreamers to lead, so I headed up front. I found a friend of mine from an Internet group and asked her to come up too but she has back and pain issues so I went ahead while she waited.

The actual march was short, about 3 blocks with cops escorting us. There were speeches after, t-shirts for sale and lots of groups with sign up sheets. We hung out awhile but the crowd started to thin out. I left, said bye to my friend and her husband and went to get an Indian taco.

I changed my mind about the taco and opted for pashofa and grape dumplings. After the croissant I didn’t feel like much like bread. I inhaled the pashofa and dumplings.

Then I finally conked out, took a nap with Cho and took a shower and washed my hair at last. It’s been a good day to be indigenous.

MLK day mass 

There was a Mass for Martin Luther King day last night at a church I’ve never been to before. Small crowd, bummer since I figured more people would have wanted to come. Maybe it was the cold. 

It was a little different from my church,  the responses were sung,  the music was more gospel and they used a piano instead of organ. They all joined hands during the Our Father (Lord’s Prayer) which sort of freaked me out at first, not used to seeing that or being comfortable touching people, especially ones I don’t know. But the order of Mass was the same so I knew when to kneel, that was good.

I took a few pictures, not many because well, I’m in church and didn’t want to look like a tourist. 

Sunday thrift store haul 

Some thrift stores have colored tag specials on Sunday. I’ve learned it’s best to go early and look at the end of the racks first. I went in with the intention of finding workout clothes. 

The only time I’ll wear leggings is under other pants.

These will be good on cold days.

All the tops are a smaller size than I usually wear, so I can layer them.

I bought these too, Talbots makes good quality work clothes

I like sparkly stuff. Skirt for warmer weather. Blue tag

Big stain on Talbots pants, took the chance, the price was too good.

I washed them but the stain stayed.

Another thrift failure. Another pair of Talbots pants in a smaller size, I thought I might get into them because spandex and my ego said so. Nope.

Green tags were 5 for a dollar, blue tags half off.

3.50 for everything!


I got downtown for the last day of Indian Christmas trees. A few trees were already taken down so I missed those. But with Epiphany coming up its the last Christmas thing I’ll do, besides take down my own Indian Christmas tree.

Red Earth Art Gallery. Google could just say ‘across from the Skirvin, look for the buffaloes ‘

Docent’s tree, the corn is beaded.

Of course this is the first tribal tree I’m going to show

And the second, Choctaw tree

Comanche tree skirt

Kiowa tree

Kaw tree. Like the roach

Comanche tree, think I got these out of order

Pawnee tree. The top of the trees are my favorite parts

Seminole tree.

Sac and Fox tree, like the Jim Thorpe ornament

Caddo tree

Cherokee tree

Citizen Potawatomi tree skirt

Citizen Potawatomi tree

Osage tree

Chickasaws had a revolving tree. Shamed us out

Mini me Guardian statue.

Saw this on my way to the bathroom. Not identified, no title or artist but I like it.

New Year’s 2018

This morning I got up and drove across town to go walk at Lake Hefner. A running club was going to run the dam before it’s closed for construction starting tomorrow,  probably forever or close to it. The Dam Run on the Dam Road in the Dam Cold. And it was cold, 10 degrees this morning. About 20 other insane people showed up, bundled up and did this thing. One TV channel even sent a shivering reporter.

I walked it, making me the last person in.  A turtle stampeding through peanut butter. I can also say I’ve peed outside at two locations now, there were no port-a-potties on the trail.

I bundled up, this is what I wore.

  • Underwear, the regular kind
  • Long sleeve knit top
  • Fitted fleece lined hoodie
  • Insulated jacket
  • Fleece lined leggings
  • Pants with mesh lining
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Knit cap
  • 2 pairs of gloves, thin pair and fleece pair
  • Running shoes

I also took kleenex, my ID and money, my phone and earbuds. Got to have brunch then come home to watch the Winter Classic and my guy Lundqvist. It was colder here than NY.

Cho slept through the fireworks and guns shot off at midnight.

The full run was 10 miles but I turned back early. My longest walk since summer.

Icy lake water, some places were frozen.

Tiny Bear wishes everyone a Happy New Year and black-eyed peas.