Buying my own Christmas presents 

I admit it’s selfish. But I wait til the after Christmas sales and get what I want for myself. So while it is selfish it’s half price off or better.

My mom started it. She told us she liked what we gave her but it was never what she wanted so she bought herself a present. At the time I felt it was a bit much, but as I’ve gotten older I see the point. Most of the presents I get are nice and I appreciate them, but they are not usually things I’d choose. This year my sister Layah gave me shampoo. Useful, and I do need it but its not exactly festive.

Frankly most gifts aren’t personal, little or no thought goes into it and while we are glad to be remembered we know not to expect much. And it’s not about the amount spent, there are expensive generic gifts, one size fits all solutions that don’t require any effort. Jerry did spoil me, he put thought into his gifts to me and I got used to it. So getting something I really want is sweet even if it means having to buy it for myself.  Which I did.

Angel, 66% off. Technically not a gift but something I needed and wanted, so yeah, a gift.

Darth Vader. Ornaments were half off and bonus, I got to use them this year.

Who’s a cute little bounty hunter? Greedo

Scotty dog travel organizer, behold. I hit the Vera Bradley outlet.

This was my big present, what I wanted most. Love this pattern

I didnt stop there. Plum Crazy wristlet, from the Vera Bradley outlet

More Vera Bradley, Marrakesh messenger bag

EDIT : I ended up returning the messenger bag. It was a case of buyer’s remorse, I wanted it in the store but when I got it home I didn’t. I don’t really need it and so it went back. But I did keep everything else and I’m still thrilled with my Scotty dog travel organizer, wondering when I  can use it.


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