This Christmas 

It’s been a year for last minute surprises. I expected to be on my own at Christmas; I’d go to Midnight Mass and have lunch Christmas Day with my dad. That would be it, as my sisters would be with their husbands’ families. A little bummer but I’ve been through it before.

Then Thursday night my sister Kandi texted me, they would be staying home after all. Their car wouldn’t make the trip.  Also my sister Layah and her husband would be here Christmas Day night. I rejoiced a little then thought about it. I offered my house, said we could bring and open presents here. I would make the traditional cheese dip and chips, Chex Mix and maybe she could get tamales. Kandi said okay.  I texted Layah and she agreed too. I only hope Kandi remembers the tamales.

So I went to Wal-Mart,  did battle and bought what I needed. Found some of it, they were out of Chex and generic Chex cereal, which caused considerable distress. Not as bad as the near riot of 5 years ago when they ran out of Velveeta. I went to Crest then and did again.

The second surprise was sudden and not. I’ve thought about getting a cat again. Porkchop passed away in July, my dad moved out and I wanted company. The empty house is too quiet and still, it’s lonely and so am I. I had looked at Petsmart’s website, saw when they would have pets from the Humane Society for adoption, looked at the Humane Society website and decided it was time. But I missed the last adoption event because of last minute stuff. Maybe it wasn’t right, and frankly the $60 adoption fee at Christmas was a bit much. Then came the 12 Days of Catmas.

The adoption fee was waived, free kitties available at the pound and Humane Adoption Center. I went yesterday. They were out of cats, the good news was they all had good homes. But they would have more the next day and the adoption center had cats too. So I went there and took my pet carrier. I had the pet equivalent of speed dating, met a couple of cats, liked one but there was no interest from the cat. Got hissed at by one. Decided I’ll never do speed dating.

I went back to the pound, telling myself the cats were probably gone and I was wasting my time. I left the carrier in the car and asked if they had any cats left, expecting to hear no again. They were very busy and I waited to ask. This time they said yes. Three cats were left, they were in that room and I could go in.

I went inside, took off my jacket and looked around. A pretty cat with a salt and pepper coat meowed at me, a solid black glared at me and another cat with a brown and tan coat hid inside the kitty tower. It did not look promising.

Then the salt and pepper cat walked over to me, still meowing. She let me pet her and crawled into my lap, gently clawing my leg. She purred and I knew I found my cat.

Her name is Cho Chang, like the Harry Potter character. I saw it as a good sign. I learned she was 13 years old, had been there 2 days and her coloring is called tortoiseshell. Her people were moving and couldn’t afford the pet deposit so they brought her there, reluctantly. She was a little timid and hid under my comforter for a couple of hours. She’s sleeping on my bed now, progress.

Christmas food and polar bear butt

Cho Chang, I call her Cho

On the bed

Checking out her new home


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