Bear visit 

My son is here. He had a cold and fever when he arrived so the first 2 days were sucky. He sweated out the fever, took Zicam and feels better, not well but better.

He’s accomplished the big important stuff like talking to an immigration attorney for his wife. He got his drivers learner’s permit. He had the chicken fried steak sandwich. Now he’s hanging out with 2 of his friends, guys who went to the wedding.  He’s getting through the culture shock, mostly through food.

I took him to Dollar Tree, and he bought this for me.

Historic visit to Braum’s 

We went to Dennys, he marveled at the fast service and thst they got his order right, even let him substitute biscuits for toast. I had a veggie omelet.


Update of sorts 

I’m waiting for my son to arrive this evening. So far I’ve done 2 loads of laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms and bought some Cool Ranch doritos. So I’ve got 5 hours to kill. He’s on his way to Detroit and then here. I told him if he has time during the layover to bring me anything Wings related but his layover is a short one so not likely.  On the advice of my friend I made this sign and will be holding it up at the airport.

Since we have Internet again I’ve been online, and found this. I like it better than the original, she seems to really be enjoying herself whereas Maurice was a little wistful and resigned.

Mid Autumn festival 

I went to the Moon festival, also known as the Lunar festival and Mid Autumn festival. It’s a big deal in VN, there’s moon cakes and people go out, but here it’s pretty low-key.  There are no Moon festival sales.

It’s weird to be an outsider visiting another people’s culture and trying to be respectful and not pandering or being in the way. It’s kind of nice, in a way. I saw parallels between the Lunar festival and powwows I’ve been to before. MCs and staff acknowledging sponsors, giving awards and recognizing prominent people, and technical difficulties with sound systems. Announcements in two or more languages. Kids walking around in traditional clothes they have to be careful of, adults in traditional clothes they wear on rare occasions and lots of other people looking and taking pictures of things they see as foreign, exotic and well, quaint. I was a little disheartened to see they had a Little Miss pageant. As watched I wondered if there was some little chubby, awkward Vietnamese girl out there in the audience disappointing her mother the same way I disappointed mine by not being princess material. I also saw a young guy who took my breath away. He looked like Jerry when he was younger, from his blue plaid shirt to his hiking boots. He even stood like Jerry. There were tears rolling down my cheeks and I tried not to stare at him but the sameness was impossible to ignore. I felt a little embarrassed and relieved when I lost sight of him. 

While I was there I bought some egg rolls and hung back looking around and taking bad phone pictures. There are better pictures on the OK Vietnamese community facebook page.

Weekend thrift

I hit the thrift stores on a mission, to buy house stuff for my son’s upcoming visit, I could use all new furniture, carpet and a new roof but more immediate and affordable needs were what this was about. I need new linens, sheets and towels, a pillow or two, little things. I got most of the things I needed, spent less than if I went to the mall or Wal-Mart. I also got stuff not on the list, as I do. Jerry and I got most of our house stuff at thrifts, usually because it was cheap.

I hit three regular thrift stores and then the Mother of all Goodwills, the outlet, which is not for the faint of heart or easily discouraged. All the clothes and the washcloth came from the Goodwill outlet, everything else from the 3 thrifts. I spent 4 hours and $25, this is what I got.


20170930_113021.jpg20170930_113029.jpgit’s all a matter of perspective. did not buy but was tempted


Yoda travel cup (no lid) and bag of random cards, I mentioned I have a problem with stationery. at half price thrift,


Books were paperbacks 4 for $1 and hardbacks 2 for $1




Mattress pad, half price thrift


Love the colors, design and washable cover, 1.48


Navy flat sheet for a fitted sheet and pillowcases that needed a navy flat sheet



3 piece sheet set I thought was 4, flat sheet and 2 pillowcases


From Goodwill outlet, another piece set–fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases, still has garage sale sticker. I’ll combine with the purple set to make 1 set with extra pillowcases


Lampshade from Goodwill outlet, model is Marc Antonio Llama


designer washcloth from Goodwill outlet


Now I just need one more bath towel


king size pillowcase for my extra pillow


Wookiee pants, fuzzy of course from Goodwill outlet


Squishy lined workout pants, and with pockets, Goodwill outlet


Scottie jammies, the pants are lighter than the top, Goodwill outlet


Red top for work, Goodwill outlet


Purple top for work, Goodwill outlet


Vera Bradley ditty bag for wet clothes, etc. Ragged cord, this makes 3 I own now. Also good for shoe bags in luggage. Goodwill outlet


This is why I think I was destined to be at the Goodwill outlet that day.


It had a sour funky smell, probably why nobody touched it. No more funk, thanks to oxyclean. Next to the wookiee pants, my favorite score.



Drive by photo of Goodwill Outlet


I took pictures of the inside but the cashier said I could get in trouble if security saw me, somebody posted video on youtube, caused a big hassle. So I’m just posting these from outside.