I accomplished a few things today. I know they won’t change the world but it’s a small start.

I managed an hour and half walk at the river today. I saw very few people, which was nice. Weather was good, and though my feet were a little sore I felt better after. 

I put out some stuff for Big Dump Day. A wooden bar belonging to my sister, a round clothes rack, 2 portable toilet chairs and a bath chair,  from the garage. They were all gone by late afternoon. I hope they will be happy in their new homes.

I dug out the DVD player and after an embarrasingly long time managed to hook it up to the TV. I  just watched Love  Actually and each time I watch it there’s something new. This time I sympathized more with Carl and despised Alan Rickman even more for what he did to poor Emma Thompson. He could have stepped back anytime, knew he was being a prat but noooo, went ahead anyway. I still feel lousy for Laura Linney. However I am glad I’m no longer dependant on having to use my crap laptop to watch DVDs. I  can start doing yoga again now too.

That’s a VCR player on the left, DVD on the right. Ancient electronics rock. 


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