Story of a dresser 

How I finally found, bought and hauled a 3 drawer dresser.

Duct tape, is there anything it can’t do? This was an old roll of Jerry’s I found in the trunk, he loved the stuff so much Bear considered putting a roll in his casket.

I found a small dresser at a non profit thrift and put it on layaway yesterday. The tag said 75.99 but the lady running the place said they were having a sale and said 60 dollars. Layaway was 50% down, 30 days. I paid 30 dollars and said I’d be back. 

I went back today. Same lady. I went to pay it off and she yelled for her volunteer, a slight older black man, to take it to my car. There was my car and an SUV in the lot. I found my dresser on a dolly and the man waiting.

He managed to get the dresser into my trunk, most of it. Then came the problem of the lid; there was no little loop for tying it down. He looked at my car and tried fitting it in the backseat but no go. Back into the trunk and we both stared at the lid, trying to figure how to keep it from flying up. He found a belt and attempted to tie down one side but it flipped up. People at the taco truck in the parking lot ignored us but 2 dogs hanging out nearby seemed interested and looked like they wanted to offer an opinion. One was a sweet pit bull mix with a pink collar who wagged her tail at me. The other dog lost interest when he saw I didn’t have any tacos and wasn’t going to buy any. 

The man saw the duct tape and tore off three long strips. It should hold and keep me from getting pulled over by the cops, he said. I thanked him and made a long awkward trip across town. It only took about 20 minutes but they were long minutes. 

I got it home and used the dolly til I couldn’t lift it onto the porch. I pulled out the drawers and managed to carry it the rest of the way. While the door was open Olive and Porkchop took off for a few minutes. I didn’t have the time to chase them but they returned when they realized it was hot outside and they are house pets for a reason. Then I took these pictures. 

Those drawers I kept talking about.

Stuff in the laundry basket will go in these drawers. And the back is not kicked in!

I’m really proud of this


My dresser isn’t rare or remarkable, it’s a solid piece of mid century factory made furniture. But it was well cared for and likely as old as me but in better condition. It has small touches like joints in the drawers and most of it is real wood, or wood veneer. It’s small enough for me to move, fits under the window and it only cost 60 bucks. New dressers, even the cheap ones in a box at Target or Wal-Mart cost twice as much, some others I saw cost much more and they weren’t special either. Most won’t last as long as this one.  I learned furniture made with real wood costs. It’s been a long time since I had to buy any. 


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