My birthday was an underwhelming experience, even more than I had anticipated. And I had low expectations to begin with.

I had to go to work; my company gives us our birthday off but since I’ve only been there a month it was not an option. It was no big deal. I didn’t tell people either because it leads to embarrassing personal questions like “So how old are you?” and “What are you doing for your birthday? ” The answers are “none of your beeswax” and “nothing, really.’

My youngest sister bought me a hotdog from Sonic the night before and my other sister gave me a pair of house shoes, presented by my nephew. Bear sent me a BN giftcard. Several people wished me happy on Facebook. That was all, not bad but I’ve had better.The BN giftcard was the only one that seemed chosen with my tastes and interests in mind.

I admit I expected my relatives to take me out to eat but I’m having my birthday lunch at Hideaway by myself. My birthday had the misfortune to fall on Easter weekend and I can’t compete with that, no way.

Then I received a letter from the IRS telling me I owed 1,041.00, due April 15. It did not help, and I had a brief freakout, told Olive about it and she shook her head. She might not understand late fees, penalties and jail but she understood it’s lousy timing.

I am feeling a little sorry for myself, I admit it.

Since then i called the federales, made payment arrangements, paid a bill online and listened to my team lose a 3 point lead but win and inch closer to the wild card spot in the playoffs. I also received 2 cards in the mail, from a friend and my mother-in-law, two small gestures that touched my stony heart more than I expected. It was a very low-key, rather downbeat birthday but I lived and I’m having pizza. Worst things have happened to me, this is nothing compared to the last two years.

My birthday pizza, the Mediterranean.


I’m starting to walk before work. It’s only been a week so I can’t be too smug.

I think I can call myself a runner now, even though I’m only walking. The reason why is I had to drop my pants and pee outside today. Supposedly this is a mark of a “real” or true runner. One of the quirks of the sport is there aren’t always convenient pit stops and you have to improvise. Like today, there were no port-a-potties and I could not hold it til I found a bathroom.  I only hoped nobody saw me.

I saw a cluster of trees, looked around and didn’t see anyone so I very carefully backed into one tree, squatted and did my business. The only possible witnesses were the geese and any people driving over the bridge who happened to look down to see woman bent down in an awkward position.

It wasn’t as gross as I feared; my real fear was being discovered. I got over the gross factor surprisingly quick because, well if you have to go you have to go. It was over in less than a minute and I felt incredible relief after pulling up my pants. Glad I didn’t get arrested and glad my bladder was empty.

I also took a couple of pictures, the geese are very blase about photos. I think they are used to humans and their peculiar behaviors. They probably expect it.