Bedbugs part 2

I talked to a friend who battled bedbugs and won. She told me the magic formula and the next day I started on my own attack. It was a little costly but not as costly as hiring an exterminator.

I bought a carpet shampooer, shampoo and this. I put the pets outside, explaining this was not about them. Then I sprayed down my couch, nearly soaking it as I chanted “die, die, you little mother$%^&*@.” I figured out the workings of my new shampooer and loaded the water tank with hot water, shampoo and killer bug spray. Killer bug spray is a milky white substance, odorless and fortunately for me, stainless.

I sprayed the baseboards and crevices. I put my bedding and pillows in the dryer on high heat. I shampooed all the carpets, starting in the living room and then the hallways and bedrooms. I moved all the furniture, with the exception of the piano. I wasn’t as concerned about cleaning as I was about sucking out any bugs and soaking death into the carpets. The carpet looked better in some places and I just lightened the stains in others. The whole thing took me 7 hours, not counting a 30 minute lunch break.

The aftermath was satisfying; I slept the whole night. Although I did some damage I hadn’t got them all, this is from the following morning.


The next day and night were the same, I found a couple of survivors but they didn’t last long. I sprayed the next day, mostly under the cushions and inside the couch, still saying “die, die” under my breath. That following morning I was rewarded by two bedbugs frantically crawling on the wall,. the white wall. One thing I can say for them, they are not very bright and I got them too.

It’s been four days and I’ve sprayed 3 times. I’ve put my bedding through the dryer each morning and I feel I’m winning. My friend said to repeat the shampoo treatment in a week, then every week for a month, and to keep spraying. She suggested I give the pets baths too. She warned me I will have to keep treating the house every month and it will be awhile before they are really truly gone. I looked up bedbug remedies online and they range from sales pitches to diatomaceous earth. I admit I put my faith in pesticides rather than stuff like steam.

The only troubling thing is my sister said she saw 2 bedbugs in her room. I sprayed in there but because she was on the bed didn’t do her mattress. She’s doing it now and washed her sheets. I hope that does it. My dad hasn’t seen any he says and I hope it stays that way.


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