Beginning of the year

I am getting a late start training for the Memorial race. I know I’ll be able to do the 5k but I want the half.

Jet lag, being sick and the weather have kept me from walking. I’m feeling better and have been out a total of 2 times. Both walks have been an effort; I felt my breath while walking and blew my nose along the way. I am determined to continue and slowly increase my distance until I can walk 14 miles and maybe run a little of it too. It’s not going to be anytime soon and I know it.

So tonight I went to a runner’s club meeting. A friend mentioned it on facebook and I was intrigued. She said she was probably going and that was all the incentive I needed. I have been curious about this especially since they train for the Memorial race and I need all the help I can get. I’m a little leery of joining a group since my walks are solitary and I prefer them that way. I hate feeling I’m slowing someone else down or having to adjust to a slower pace myself for another person. It’s easier to go at my own pace, whatever it might be on a given day. But I still wanted to see what they do.

I went and my friend bailed. I texted her and asked if she was coming. No, she was exhausted and needed to go home. Crap. I was sitting in a crowded room full of strangers, but fortunately they were all chatting with each other and I’m left alone. I’m not usually aware of race, the ethnic kind, but I noticed 4 black folks, 3 Asian and me, the rest looked like plain white folks. After my trip to Saigon I’ve noticed ethnic differences more, I’m not sure why.

The meeting starts and two people from the Memorial race are there. The first, an older man, tells us the course is a little different this year and that there’s going to be a 5th corral for walkers and slower runners. Personally I think putting people in corrals by race makes more sense, even with people ending up in the wrong corrals. But the criterion is speed, not my call but theirs.   He shows us this year’s shirt, it’s blue. Previous years have been white. I like it. Then a woman tells us about the medals and passes them around. They are nice, and I notice the half marathon ribbon is yellow. I hold the medal a few seconds before passing it on. She passes around different shirts: the kids race, half and full finishers shirts. The marathon finisher shirt is green and gets a lot of oohs. The half shirt, the important one, is gray and yellow, with 13.1 in yellow letters on back. It’s a short sleeved tech shirt, v-neck and fitted. I want this shirt.

They had bragging rights, people who did a race or races since Oct 19 were asked to tell what they did. When they asked people what 5Ks they did I didn’t realize until the meeting started that I could have mentioned the Halloween race. Nobody else did that one. They went on to half, marathons and ultra races; each category got smaller until there were only 3 people who did an ultra race. There were door prizes and I won this.


With grilled cheese and diet cherry limeade. We need more cowbell.


I don’t know if I’ll join. I know my pace and distance is too slow and short for their marathon training runs. I rather get on with my slow but bad self and train on my terms. I am built for endurance not speed anyway. I like doing my walks with my earbuds on listening to DM. I read an interview with Dave and he admitted he was a runner. Even though he uses the evil that is the treadmill.  I did a small shuffling happy dance with fist pumps when I read that. Olive danced around me too, she didn’t understand the reason why but just shared the joy.

The main thing is just getting out there. It’s freaking cold and even wearing layers it’s still freaking cold.


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