My craptastic diarrhea is actually a stomach bug, gastroenteritis. Besides diarrhea, there’s throwing up, chills and super sensitivity to smells. There are other symptoms I haven’t encountered yet and it usually lasts 10 days. I’m on day four. I ate 2 saltines this morning and
regretted it about half an hour later.

According to the Internet I may be contagious 2 weeks after. A good thing I don’t have a job. I don’t intend to get out and risk infecting anyone. I do wish whoever gave me tainted food doesn’t do it again.

I know it happened after I left Vietnam because my son doesn’t have the symptoms. He had some stomach acid and bile, his ulcer acting up. He’s used to it, takes some OTC stuff, unfortunately it’s pretty routine. One of the things he got from Jerry, both are/were worriers. But I have the stomach of a goat so this surprised me.

I thought it was jet lag, processed food and being upright for nearly 2 days.

I’m sick and I don’t like it, I hate being sick and feeling weak. I haven’t touched my laundry or done any unpacking other than sorting souvenirs. Normally all this would be done by now and I’d be walking Olive twice a day like usual. Instead we’re both crashed on the couch and I struggle to put her in the backyard for doggy business.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad Jerry isn’t here. First off, he’d be sick with this and it would be worse for him. He’d probably be in the hospital with IVs feeding him fluids and I’d be here unable to do anything. I don’t think he’d blame me but I would feel guilty.

I’m washing my hands every time I go to the bathroom or before I approach the kitchen, I hope it’s enough to avoid infecting my dad and sister.

I’m also bummed because I learned a former co-worker, one I liked, passed away yesterday. It’s too soon to know when the funeral is but likely I won’t be able to go. I may send a plant.

I’m stranded here, in quarantine for at least 6 more days and my phone is the only thing I have to stay sane. I tried reading but have trouble concentrating.
Fortunately the Internet is a great source of mindless, stupid stuff that doesn’t require thought. Thank you Internet.


Pretty sure these weird spicy chips are not responsible


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