Back Home

I really wanted to write a detailed post about my trip to Saigon but I’ve been fighting a bad case of diarrhea, in its second day. Truly this is not how I pictured my New Year’s Eve.

It is already 2016 in Saigon; Bear texted me from the future. I finally took a shower and will sort everyone’s souvenirs. It’s taking me awhile, being dehydrated and running to the bathroom and hopefully making it in time is about all I’ve been able to do.

I’m dealing with some culture shock: some is nice, like being able to speak the language and some like processed food that doesn’t taste right is not so good. There will be more, after I manage to leave the house but I’m still weak and feel tired. I’m glad I went,  think I’m glad to be home but that’s it.

It was a trip of a lifetime. I ate a lot of really good food, saw stuff few


(Alley, with scruffy little dog I wished I could bring home with me)

westerners see, saw impressive buildings like the Bitexco tower, which blows the Space Needle away, sorry. I also saw incredible poverty and terrifying traffic. I saw Star Wars twice.  I met Bear’s girlfriend and fortunately for us all, really like her. I even took a few pictures.


Market, forget which one


Presidential Palace


Bear and Mary ordering tea

I’ll post about those things more, when my body has adjusted and I don’t feel like warmed over crap.


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