last minute stuff

I ran my last minute errands today: going to the bank, mall, grocery store and ultimately deciding to get a pedicure because my feet looked scary. I had 2 diet cherry limeades, which helped me drive through rush hour/Christmas shopping traffic. On the way back I saw this in the parking lot of a gyro place, turned around and took the pictures. I got out of my car, still wearing the paper thin flipflops from the nail salon, in 40 degree weather to do so.

I’ve been packing, trying to get Christmas stuff done and hoping I don’t forget anything important. I got the Little Debbies and hominy for Bear so I’m probably good. I’ve had minor freak-outs, like finding out his shoes won’t arrive before I leave, not getting my KFN in the mail for the TSA pre check and finding a plastic deviled egg plate. But it’s okay, I bought a back up cheap pair of shoes, found my KFN online and went to 3 thrift stores before finding the plate.

These guys are coming along with me, per Bear’s request.20151217_150337.jpg

My Martha Stewart/Pinterest moment, I found a couple of gifts at a thrift store and then realized I needed to buy gift bags. I bought these stockings there, they cost less than a buck apiece. All I did was stuff the top with tissue paper and slap on a nametag. Done. 20151215_175806_zpszqd1gdjc

I make my Scooby Snacks tomorrow, do last minute laundry and finish packing. That should be it but probably not; controlled chaos is what I’m used to and expect. My main worry is that Olive and I will sleep in Monday morning and I won’t get to the airport in time. But I will probably be too nervous to sleep much anyway.

I look forward to seeing Bear, to going someplace I’ve never been before. I’m also leaving most of the unpleasant bits of Christmas behind– the cooking, cleaning up, and the awkwardness– and that’s a relief. Last Christmas was not good, Bear and I didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere so we didn’t. This year is different but as I’ve planned my trip I’ve felt a little remorse that Jerry can’t be there. I know that even if he hadn’t passed away he wouldn’t have been well enough to make the trip. He admitted traveling was not his thing, even when he was healthier it wasn’t. Anything beyond a road trip to Dallas was too much. If he was still here he’d probably want me to go, for me and Bear to skype with him and take lots of pictures but he’d feel better at home. His doctors would probably advise against it, too many risk factors. If he was still here I don’t think I’d go, I’d feel badly leaving him alone and worry something might happen. It’s not an issue, I can go but I wish he could be there, to see Bear in his new natural habitat, experience what has only been described and we could all see Star Wars. I feel guilty I can go and do this and he can’t.


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