Anyone who has applied for a job online has probably come across a Taleo application at some point. Taleo has an exact match keyword search that kicks out applicants if you do not meet a narrow and specific criteria. I hate them, feel a sense of hopelessness and defeat when I see Taleo on the top of the page because I know I’m doomed. Even if I meet the qualifications.

I’ve been weeded out of jobs and while there are different reasons why nearly every time the company used Taleo. So I take it personally,  from Taleo not necessarily the company.

I’m still out there trying, including cover letters hoping they might counterbalance the evil prejudice of Taleo but not really expecting it to work. My previous job titles are probably to blame and I acknowledge that seeing “bookseller” in my past is not going to fire up many potential employers. Not even Barnes and Noble, I applied for a job in Tukwila and got turned down. They used Taleo.


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