Walking again

The first fitness post I’ve written in awhile.

I walked today for the first time in well,  nearly a month. I went to the river and told myself it would be a short walk since it had been awhile, I figured maybe an hour. I did an hour and half, going a little further than I planned.

I didn’t push myself, I did sweat a little but that was it. I don’t know how far I went but it wasn’t about that, it was getting back into the habit. I wanted to know I could still do this and I was a little worried I might not, that what conditioning I had was gone. I’m probably not as strong as before the move but I haven’t lost it, not completely. It felt good.

I stopped at the halfway point where I turned around to take these pictures. Then when I finished I went to Sonic for a diet cherry limeade. I felt I earned it.




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