the job search

This is turning into an account of my rather dull job search and attempt to relocate to another part of the country. It’s only of interest to me and this is mainly a way to keep track of which jobs have closed, which are still open and where I stand in the process.

I admit I forgot how long the process can be, from the time a job is posted or officially opened to the close date, to sifting through applicants, scheduling interviews and finally deciding on a winner. A job can remain open indefinitely, especially with a high turnover position. Accepting applications for a month or longer isn’t that unusual I’ve learned as well.  Which means waiting, being anxious and counting the days on the calendar and constantly checking email becomes a regular thing.

I have received a couple of rejections, which I am grateful for, oddly enough. At least they put me out of my misery and now I know. Even when the answer is no the wondering part is finally over and I can go on to the next job and worry about it.

I received my third rejection this morning, from the job fair interview with a local company. I should be disappointed and let down but strangely enough I am relieved. Because if they offered it to me I might have said yes and that would have ended my relocation hopes. If I said no I would be wondering if I made a huge mistake and start kicking myself for it. By telling me no they took that burden off my shoulders.

I checked my remaining applications, so far 9 remain open and accepting applications so I’m still in the running. There is hope, for now. I still haven’t heard from the Seattle company I applied with last week but followed up and confirmed they received my faxed application. So I got that going for me, for now. I know that I may not hear from any of them until sometime next month.

I’m still applying for jobs but only ones that I really want, that pay enough and are with companies I want to work with. I’m being more selective because it cuts down on record-keeping and because I’m picky, lazy and want to cut down on the number of rejections.

Right now I wonder about what I ‘m going to do. I can stay with my sister, kick in for bills and save a lot by not paying rent, pulling out money from savings for a deposit for an apartment I might not need for long. Yet I know this isn’t a realistic long term solution. We aren’t going to be a cute sitcom family like Full House who get along and have no problems. We’d be more like Mob Wives, but without the gangbanger spouses/dads. Also my pets have fleas despite the flea meds. Her cat has been gone over a month and she’s talking about getting another kitten when she comes home. So there’s that.

I’m trying to be patient, to pray and depend on God. I lit a candle last week for my job search. I am calling in favors. But like one of my yoga teachers says, be in the moment,  don’t worry about later, just be for now. So I try not to speculate too much on what I can’t control and do what I can, for now. It’s harder than I thought.


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