Getting rid of stuff is a pain in the butt

I am not necessarily talking about metaphysical things but real, large objects. Such as furniture.

Since I am moving and know I can’t take anything I can’t mail or fit into a 5×8 storage locker it means leaving a lot behind. Besides the literal act of leaving it there is a feeling of nostalgia and even regret giving my things away. I can say they will be of use to others, that it’s better than throwing it away or hanging onto something I really don’t need anymore. Some things carry more meaning than others, for various reasons. My old kitchen table, some memories but oddly nothing that caused me pain. It was mostly relief, to be honest. But when I took my aunt’s end table to Goodwill I changed my mind and brought it back.

But there’s still stuff left, namely my couch and Bear’s bed. Both are too big and heavy to transport in my car or sister’s SUV. I offered the couch to my other sister and she accepted then not long after she entered rehab and my couch wasn’t such a big deal.  My other sister, she of the SUV, took my bed for my nephew and expressed interest in the other bed but then learned it wouldn’t fit.

So I took a bunch of pictures and put an ad on Craigslist. I listed it for what I thought was cheap and waited. I got 2 texts, one wanted me to deliver it (uh, no) and the other only wanted the frame. I offered the frame for half then when she said she wouldn’t have the money til Wednesday  (!) I just offered it. I do feel like a sucker and an idiot but don’t have til Wednesday. I don’t know if she meant to but she played me. I’m not angry, I am glad to be rid of it even if I’m not making a profit. Incidentally this is the bed, it’s a full size and I asked $150 for it. Cat not included.


About an hour ago I went back to Craigslist and hired movers to haul my couch and the mattress and box spring to my sister’s house. I deleted my ad too. It’s not the way I intended but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised since nothing ever turns out the way I intend. Certainly not this past year, but it always resolves itself.


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