One step forward, one step back

Which means I’m where I started, not behind at least. I had a heckuva surprise today, two really. First surprise was my mistake, I scraped the side of a little black car in the parking lot at Old Navy. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad, but did make me cringe. I left a note with my phone number on the windshield and the car’s owner called me a few minutes ago. She was pleasant considering I hit her car and I gave her my insurance info. I am trying not to think what this will do to my rates. Which is why I didn’t buy those yoga capris, even though they were on sale.


The second surprise was not my fault. I returned from Seattle/Federal Way without an apartment which was discouraging but I still hope I will be moving sometime next month. I may have a place but need to have a job and prove I’ll be able to actually make the rent. Other than that, I’m in; I passed the credit and background and other checks but having no income meant no apartment. Rather than getting all bummed out it motivated me to fill out more apps and include cover letters, as a friend suggested. If I get hired and show the apartment agent a job letter verifying employment I am in. So I was thinking all I have to do is notify my current apartment agent I’ll go month to month and hopefully be out of here fast.

I finished up earlier than expected and even went thrift shopping.

wpid-20150813_133344.jpg  wpid-img_20150814_065653.jpg

And that’s what happened. I went to the apartment office ready to let them I’ll be around a little longer, and steeled myself to learn how much more I’ll be paying. The agent came out looking a little nervous and began to apologize. They’ve already leased my apartment, I can’t stay on, there are no other available apartments and she was sorry. I have until the 2nd of next month to get out.

I admit I came out a little freaked out. My plan was gone. I have a lot of crap, much of it still unpacked and what the heck was I going to do? Besides myself I have my dog Olive and cat Porkchop to think about. I was set to take my time getting ready, imagined staying here another month and it turned into a big glass of nope. So l told the pets what was up. They looked at me funny, like they wanted to know what the heck we were going to do now. My next move was to lie down on the couch and stay there awhile.

I finally got up and decided I’d call my dad and sister. I hoped we might be able to stay with my dad and to ask my sister if her husband could help me move my stuff. He came over Saturday and hauled most of my furniture to Goodwill, I helped. My sister’s phone was on voicemail and I called my BIL, who said he’d let me know after he talked to her. I didn’t have my dad’s number, he changes or loses phones so often I never know if I can call him.

My sister offered her husband’s labor and her dad’s number. Lo and behold he was there and said me and my animals were welcome to stay. But he added the house was overstuffed, with my sister’s things and his crap. Oh, and they had fleas, from the cat.

This helped but the fleas thing bothered me, didn’t want my stuff to get infested and don’t want my pets to get infested either. I pondered this awhile then decided I can put my stuff in storage and I’ll call some places near my sister’s to ask about their rates. I’ll just dose my pets and hope for the best. And I will hope I get some interviews and job offers very soon.

I’m trying to focus on the few upsides. Financially I’m ahead, I won’t be paying another month’s rent and utilities, even with storage fees and helping my dad pay the electric bill. My sister’s house has a fenced in backyard so Olive can do some of her business in private and I won’t have to walk her as much. I’ll have a reserved parking spot. I’ll even have company of sorts, from my dad. And I hope it won’t be for very long.

In other business I got a pedicure today. The only thing I set out to do and actually did. I also lost two toenails, and will probably lose my right big toe toenail. I am not bothered but a little proud since it’s a mark of all the walking I’ve done. I missed yoga tonight but going to walk at the lake tomorrow. It is one of the few things I feel and see as an accomplishment. Now I’m going to watch some Depeche Mode videos on youtube and read. I have to take my car to the garage tomorrow for a check up then Wednesday I get my hair done. I have packing to do too. But that’s all ahead, for now I’m going to chill.


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