When worlds collide

The playoffs really messed with my yoga. Games were inconveniently scheduled the same time my classes met. So I sacrificed my calm, flexibility and practice for anxiety, adrenaline and salty popcorn.

I feel the difference in my body. Besides the extra sodium, which made me bloat a little, I haven’t had the same energy and my right knee has complained, usually when going up stairs. I feel stiffer during the day and the urge to move in my whole body. Walking helped but it wasn’t enough.

The playoffs are over for my teams now, though they are still on-going. I could
have used the calming yoga brings this week too, when Babcock announced he’s leaving the Wings and going to Toronto. I’m okay now but I was stunned for about a day. However there was enough peace to get me through the night when I watched the end of the last hockey game our local team played and sadly lost. Maybe not peace as much as fatigue but I think I was resigned to it and most of the other fans were too. 

I should be at yoga but missed the morning class. There’s a level 1 vinyasa later that I’ll go to and I’ll start again. My balance has been wonky and I need to work on upper body strength. I need to make it a habit more than anything. As long as Tampa is still playing I ‘m still following the playoffs but it’s not the same. I still hope the Ducks take down the Hawks.

Go Wings!



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