One more

I’m serious about moving. The initial decision making period has passed and the actual working towards that goal has started. Not dramatically or with much to show but I am working on it.

I’ve applied for several job and received a couple of calls, unfortunately most are local recruiters trawling through  but I did get one from Seattle.  She was encouraging until I told her my current location, which explained why I couldn’t come in for an interview. My applications have been electronic but I also sent off a regular paper application with resume and cover letter, like the old days. I am trying to remain hopeful and to be patient.

I’ve also looked into the nitty gritty of moving my stuff 2,000 miles. I know it will be expensive to take everything I own. I went into the search with this in mind but still got sticker shock–an average of $2,000 from 2 different movers, or about a dollar a mile. Even after paring down my list of stuff to take it was this much, no telling what it would cost if I decided to bring the sofa, which is staying behind.

I began to break it down item by item, shipping the TV, my bed and dresser separately.  The dresser and TV are eligible but my bed will still cost more to send than it’s worth. I will be sending most of my books media and they are the cheapest best deal so far. I know I don’t want to give up everything  and my bed is very important to me,  important to Olive too since that’s where she spends most of her day. Yet knowing it will cost me roughly $500 to ship it when it cost about half that amount (it was on sale) I decided I’m going to let it go. Leave it to one of my sisters or if they don’t want it, to Goodwill. I’m going to leave a lot of stuff to Goodwill.

There’s something sad and frightening about this, not so much that I will need something I can easily replace but leave something that has emotional or sentimental value that I want or need. I plan to take pictures, as many as possible, even if they are just on flash drives. Especially pictures of Jerry and Bear. But will I miss and long for the little end tables that belonged to my aunt? They are among the few things I have left of her and while some stranger may give then a decent home they will not know how she arranged the lamp and candy dish or where the little Santa figures were placed at Christmas.

But things like my bed, which I will miss, can be left behind. The sofa, most of my furniture and kitchen stuff can stay and go to someone who can use them. I’m discovering how much I can do without. I just looked at my stuff and imagined having to pack it then decided if I would ship it or see if I could fit it in the car. That helped simplify matters fast.

I’m still undecided on the end tables.

My son is slowly going through his things as well. He’s donated 4 bags of clothes,  some he’s had since high school. He sold 4 boxes of books to Half Price. He still has a lot of crap. But he knows I’m moving and can’t take everything, even if I wanted. He knows home isn’t going to be the address he’s known for 12 years and when he returns from abroad we will both be changed.

On one hand I want to throw away, give away or donate just about everything. I want to clear the physical spaces here, to not have to clean, take care of or store anything. I want it gone.

On the other hand, or paw, I’m not sure. It will be expensive to replace stuff I already own. I may have need of something I can’t find again, one reason I’m taking the egg poacher. But there’s the worry that without my stuff wherever I go won’t feel like home.

I won’t face this until I find a job and a place to live. That may be awhile and I can make a lot of these decisions before I have to really pack up and leave. Though I hope it won’t be a very long wait.


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