memorial race 2015

This marks the 20th anniversary of the OKC bombing. It’s an emotional time here every year but this year seemed especially heavy with meaning and symbolism. Last week a kind of reunion was held downtown and there’s been news stories including a Storycorps episode on NPR that caused a lump in my throat. It was an interview with two of the youngest survivors, young men in their early 20’s and how their lives and the lives of their families still bear scars from that terrible day.

With all this emotion hanging over us I felt I had to do the race this year. Although Jerry’s death has no relation to the bombing it is the Race to Remember and he’d expect me to do it, know I would want to so I did. I wanted to do the half again but there’s no way I could manage it, I haven’t trained for it. I signed up for the 5K and that’s what I did.

There’s nothing really new or novel to report about the race itself. It ran smoothly, started on time, no issue with rain this year. A few interesting little facts–The race sold out; 11,000 people ran/walked the half and 5,000 did the 5K. 60% were women. I took a few pictures too.

the start my bib Giant cherry limeade. I want. Don’t know her name but this lady is a true badass.


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