Bear asked if we could go to BN tonight. He had handed me a copy of a contract with a school near Guangzhou and wanted to talk about it.

I had a pretzel and he drank some herbal tea,  the first tea he’s had in nearly 3 months. He explained that the contract could be negotiated, like salary,  and other things like getting a Z visa could be clarified. He was going to talk to a foreign teacher, another American,  about his experience there and emailed the recruiter about the visa and schedule. He added that he was 50% positive he would accept.  He didn’t want to take the first good offer that came along and he has another interview tonight.

He wanted my opinion on whether he should take a job now or wait til August when there will be more opportunities and possibly better salaries. While I would like him to wait, to stay here long as possible I know he wants out. Now. I am selfish to want this but he will be gone for over a year, maybe two so I know his time at home won’t last long. Even though we sometimes get on each other’s nerves and we both want to leave it was difficult to say he should take a job now instead of waiting another four months.

He said if he does accept a job he will start right away,  which means a month from now, give or take a couple weeks. It’s likely he could be in China working by the first of June. He will give his notice at work after his paperwork is sent in and being processed.  He wants to have at least a week off before he goes.

He’s even helped me with starting a job search. He helped update my resume and loaded it on monster.  Unfortunately he had one of my references’ last name down as “hamburger” when I couldn’t remember her name. It came to me and he changed it. He also updated my LinkedIn profile and seemed surprised I even had a profile. I know my job search will be rockier than his and not as fast but I hope to be ready to move when my lease runs out in August. I can’t see staying on longer, not just in this apartment but this town and in the same job. Yesterday another girl announced she put in her notice at work. That’s two people in one week and though they may be unrelated events it doesn’t look good.

I want to go visit Bear for Christmas in China but I don’t know if I will have enough vacation time and the money. I hope I can, I don’t want to imagine him alone at Christmas and I want him to know he can depend on me. It would be an amazing trip and to see where he lives and have an idea of what his life is like. If there is a way I will go. I know Jerry would be proud of him, want to be there and want me to be there.


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