At the courthouse with my son. He’s applying for a new passport.

Selling the car is on hold for now. I plan to but not right now. Easter Sunday was different. We went to the cemetery and visited,  more or less. Then we came home and had Chinese food.

Bear told the graves of his ancestors he plans to go back to China and does not plan to return for a couple of years. Then I told them I was planning on moving as well,  not so far but to Seattle. I think they took it well since nothing happened. No flashes of lightning or cracks of thunder just a little drizzle. We said a rosary for Jerry and had not one but two cars drive by slowly to see what Papist business we were up to.

Bear’s app is being processed;  he should receive his new passport in 3-4 weeks.  He’s applying for jobs now and I got him to promise to help me with my resume. Hopefully we’ll both be blowing this pop stand soon.


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