Car trouble

Trying to sell Jerry’s car is turning into a real pain in the tuckus. After last night’s wait and disappointment with the battery jump I figured today would be easier since I would be calling during normal daylight hours. Nope.

It is almost as if Jerry and my Aunt Donnie don’t want me to sell this car. I feel like they are tag-teaming me here.

I called AAA again, got another jump and had the battery, alternator and starter checked. Only the battery didn’t pass, besides sitting so long it’s old it wouldn’t hold a charge once the motor is turned off. So I had a choice– buy one of their batteries for $140 or get towed and buy a cheaper battery. The AAA battery is guaranteed 3 years and the dude would install it on site. But for better or worse I decided on the tow.

He called a tow truck and wished me well before driving away. I asked the tow truck driver if he could drop me off at home after leaving my car but he said no. He had another call in the other direction so I bid my car a temporary goodbye. I followed later, with Bear and saw why they didn’t answer when I called; they closed an hour earlier. I left the keys in the car with a note and Bear went slightly ballistic. He thought I should have got the $140 battery. I expected a long tirade but he just shuddered and got quiet. His dad used to do the same thing when he was stressed or anxious.

Tomorrow morning I’ll go to the garage,  really the Wal-Mart auto center,  and get the battery installed. Then I will have to figure out how to move two cars by myself. Bear doesn’t drive and there’s no one I can count on so this will be solely on me and I hope it won’t be expensive.


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