First 5K of the year

I finished the first race of the year, a 5K I’ve done three years in a row. I got my shirt, put on my number and re-taped my right knee with KT tape. It helped,  I made it up the two small hills and incline and it doesn’t hurt. Maybe tomorrow but not now. My time was respectable,  46:46 for me is decent. I’m fine with it though I have done better but my knee didn’t hurt and I wasn’t 2 days from my 50th birthday.

It was made sweeter by hearing my Wings win in overtime on my way to check in. I had groused about it, they finally play on free TV when I can watch then I have to leave at the beginning of the final period. It’s an odd coping mechanism but I find a strange comfort and affirmation in guys skating after a tiny piece of frozen rubber and slamming each other against the walls. Hockey is a great diversion from sadness,boredom and everyday crap. In OK it’s a strange foreign diversion that confuses and occasionally repulses other people,  which can be another benefit. But I had gone to watch our local AHL team the Barons play and they lost. Bummed me out but I recovered. Wings lost their last 2 games which made a win even better. I’m betting Babcock chewed some of them out before that 3rd period. But I digress, hockey is my “thing” and I’m a little enthusiastic when I get the opportunity to go on about it, something that irritates Bear and he has mentioned it.

The race was good. The weather wasn’t hot and the gray skies had cleared by start time. I was in back and stayed there most of the race. But my competitive nature came through and I ran as much as my knee allowed.  I was behind some walkers and passed them easily. I passed a couple of younger women and I admit I get a jolt of something good when I do. Adrenaline begins to flow and when I pass one more person it is a small victory. I passed two women about my age who were visiting most of the race. They are probably nice women, kind and decent people I’d like in other circumstances but when I’m in this mode I don’t care. I don’t believe in letting anyone get ahead of me, to allow them to beat me even though it’s not that kind of race. Being an old broad, 2 days from my 50th birthday,  has made me more determined and that I have something to prove. Not necessarily to anyone else but to me.


These women passed me and I took that as a challenge.  I ran , speeding up and passing them then stopping a minute later and going back to a walk. Sure enough they passed me again and I did the same thing, I left them in my muddy dust (it had rained) and ran a couple more short bursts. I didn’t see them after that. Then I got passed by a dude I had passed earlier, about 500 ft from the finish. So I sped up and told myself I would be running across that finish line. I did not pass him but I was close. Sometime after getting a bottle of water from a little girl I felt the crazed urge dying down and I became my mild-mannered self again.

I didn’t start sweating, not really,  until after the race. I had my hair dyed a few days ago and worried my dye might run but it didn’t. lI felt hungry a little later and remembered I hadn’t had lunch so I just finished a salad and snickerdoodle cookie. Now I’m going to pick up Bear and go home and crash. The weekend is over.


The shirt


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