Last week I had a doctor jab a needle near my eyes, injecting chemicals into my skin. I willingly paid $500 for this and took time off from work to do it. I did it because I had bags under my eyes and I am vain, I freely admit it.

I am turning 50 in a month.Mortality doesn’t bug me. Being old doesn’t bother me that much but looking old does, a lot. Five hundred dollars worth, I hadn’t thought you could put a price on self-esteem and vanity but apparently you can. I did this willingly, no one forced me and I am glad I could do it. I don’t regret it.

I know a lot of people will think I’m doing this because I’m looking for a new husband, that I’m dating or wanting to start, especially with my hyper hormones. It’s a logical assumption but no, it’s just vanity.

I’ve done it before, it wasn’t my first time. I used money i inherited from my family. I had thought about my family would make of this. I know my grandpa and one aunt would shake their heads. However I know one aunt would support it and my mother would heartily approve. So with this in mind I did it Sept 2013 and again last week.

Here’s an after pic, no makeup, no editing. I know I could have more done to m
y face but I don’t want to be one of “those” people who look odd, scary or unnatural. Besides I don’t have that kind of money, thank goodness. I know I could post a better pic, with makeup and carefully angled but I perversely want to show my (semi) natural face. So you’ve been warned.20150225_172811


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