Sometimes You Gotta Run

I’ve been lazy about exercise lately, more than usual. I went to yoga only once last week and the only walking I’ve done is taking the stairs at work.

Yesterday I had an hour to kill before picking up Bear from work and instead of going to the library like I planned I walked instead. I stopped at a park and just went. I was wearing jeans and my everyday walking shoes, and only one pair of socks. But I had my phone, earbuds and cheap Yoko Ono sunglasses. I made a quick pit stop at the ladies and looked at the time, figuring I’d go 30 minutes then turn around wherever I was and come back.

I put on the Rx race playlist and followed the path. It was a nice day, windy but not bad and there weren’t many people. I walked but on the third song I couldn’t help it and ran. For about a minute and half. The break in “Sky’s the Limit” is irresistible and gets me fired up. It was a perfect moment, there was no one to see me trotting and wheezing, the wind was mild enough and it felt good. Mostly because it felt good.

I walked after that, breathing a little harder but not to exhaustion. I didn’t even have a stitch. I walked at my usual pace until another motivational break made me say heck with it, old shoes, out of shape, sometimes you gotta run. So you do.

I remember last year at the Memorial race I saw 2 women in t-shirts that read “Someday I won’t be able to do this. This is not that day.” I love that. Even though I’m not in condition to run a 5K I can still run a little. So I did.

I wasn’t at this particular park by accident; it’s the site of a 5K I’ve done 3 years previously. I walked part of the race route so it wouldn’t feel unfamiliar. I’ve been thinking about whether to do it this year. I’m not in condition, I haven’t been walking and my endurance is not where it should be. I could do the race,walking slowly and finish sometime before they all went home. I could do it but I would go into it knowing I could do better.

I may go ahead and register. I will get another tech shirt and there’s a Sonic across the street so I can get a diet cherry limeade after. Both are good motivators but recalling how good it feels to run even a short distance is even more encouraging.


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