thrift scores

I went to the Goodwill as-is, the pay by the pound warehouse that’s a thrifter’s dream or nightmare depending on the thrifter. It is a large room full of bins of whatever–mostly clothes but bedding, shoes and other things find their way into the mix. I spent two hours digging into the bins and didn’t get through them all. This is what I got for my efforts, total was $23, the going rate is $1.49 a pound. My only disappointment was finding two Chucks hi-tops in my size, both were left shoes and their mates could not be found. I was consoled by my finds, besides these I found some workout pants, rain jacket, red fuzzy sweater, dress shirt for Bear and a Kliban cat sheet. I went back today and found a down comforter dropping feathers and huzzah–a pair of blue low-top Chucks. The thrift-gods may take away but they also give. Thrifting was one of the things Jerry and I did, it was cheap and for years it was how we dressed ourselves and furnished our home. I like to think he’d like this place.

Black London Fog trench, looks gray but is really black. Honest.

See? Black, but I am lousy taking selfies.

Drop earrings I found at the bottom of the bin, amazingly still on the card, like new. I like pretty shiny things and am easily distracted.

Nearly swooned when I found this and that it actually fit. London Fog trench.

Another awkward selfie. I really need to clean that mirror. Also my bathroom is too cluttered

Thrifted shoe bag, sock monkey approved.


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