Last night I bought 3 bras. It wasn’t a just for fun splurge, I had to do it. Another cheap bra fell apart on me, the underwire poked through and I chucked it. There was another cheap bra in the trash; I had tried to keep it a little longer by stuffing the underwire back in and sewing up the hole. It worked, for 2 more wearings then the wire broke free again.  So I tossed that thing.

The two cheap bras lasted about 2 months.  I bought them for the obvious reasons,  to save some money and avoid going to the mall at Christmas. I was already at Target and they were only 15.00 each so I convinced myself this was a good deal.

It’s a cliche to say you get what you pay for but when it comes to bras it’s true.  To an extent, I tried on a Wacoal bra but saved myself $80 because it didn’t fit well

I went to Dillard’s, one of the few stores that carry 40Cs and bought mid-priced store brand brad that cost 42.00 each. To some women that’s typical,, to some women that’s chump change but to my thrift store sensibilities that’s a lot. Most of clothes in my closet didn’t cost that much and I could fill a cart with the amount I spent last night. Yet these bras are a better deal than my cheap ones. Ibought a Dillard’s bra last year and it still looks good and works. It’s held up, pardon the pun, to a lot of punishment.  It’s outlasted 4 cheap bras.

Ironically I used to look forward to buying the pretty little bras in the stores, the ones that never came in my size. That I could go anywhere and shop without worrying they wouldn’t have my big weird size. Well endowed women understand this and though I’m not exactly well endowed (mine is mostly back fat, to be honest) I did believe.

What I didn’t know was some of those pretty bras, even the more costly ones, can be crap.Some are made to be shown off and aren’t comfortable,  not something you can wear to work without scratching or shifting around. I suspect they were designed by men.

When all you can afford is the cheap bra from Target that’s what you get.But if you are able to afford better then buy it. Use some of that tax refund, it will serve you better than a trip to Vegas and will last longer. I usually wait til the bras go on sale but this was an emergency situation. Also get fitted, better stores will have someone who will measure you and see that you are wearing the right size and how to adjust the straps and hooks for the best fit. It is a little embarrassing at first but if the fitter is really good that feeling won’t last.  She’s seen worse. Really.

I wished I had known this when I went bra shopping the first time after losing weight after my surgery. The old style I wore was gone, it had been redesigned and I didn’t know what size I was now.  Even though I went back to Lane Bryant I eventually learned that it wasn’t my store anymore and had to start over again. Findng a good fitness bra was a challenge too. I never needed one before my unfortunate bra fail in yoga class. But I tried on several,  at Target and Dillard’s and was surprised the Target Champion bra fit and held better than the Nike model. Alas the Target bra finally gave up too but I knew what to look for when I went back. I also knew how long it would last. 

It may seem odd to spend more on a garment that no one else may see (unless you want them to) but it will make your outer clothes look better.  It even helps your posture,  much easier to stand straight when everything is in place.



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