I think I’ve said this before, but Oklahoma wind is a mother. On Sunday I decided to walk, no, to run. I went out to the lake and saw only a few cars, and there was a good reason, 30 mph winds. There were a few masochistic cyclists and me, I saw only a few other people on foot and most of them looked miserable as well.

The walk forward wasn’t so difficult as the wind was at my back. However the wind was so strong I felt like I was being pushed forward, propelled to run and fighting that urge was harder than I expected. The walk back was something else.

I had forgotten how loud wind can be. The sound of the wind beating against my body, rushing past me had a roaring that stunned me. It drowned out the sound of my playlist and even popped out one of my earbuds at one point, as if I should forget it was there and it not to be ignored.

When I reached the halfway mark, about 1.5 miles, I thought “bring it” and headed into the noisy mess.I felt strong. A little further along I actually said to myself “this bitch is not going to defeat me.” How I know or believe the wind is female, well, I just do. Those eight words sustained me and became a mantra. I am not a lightweight, not tiny or petite but even Godzilla would have had some trouble dealing with this wind. Besides the air there was dirt floating out there, red dirt that got onto my face and my mouth. I could feel the grit on my tongue as I kept walking. There was a mini dust bowl, lack of rainfall kept much of the shore exposed. Places that were once underwater now had vegetation and geese sitting on top. It was so strong even the feral cats stayed inside. They were probably playing cards. Or video games.

It took me what seemed like forever and ever to finally get to my starting point. It was an hour and 42 minutes. A walk that would usually take a little more than an hour, but I was slower, my usual pace wasn’t possible, not for the long haul. My nose started to run, I had dirt in my mouth and the only thing motivating me, besides finishing, was an almond croissant I had in my car.

I finished my walk, feeling better than I had expected. I could still breathe, I wasn’t cold anymore and my energy was up. I want to think it was endorphins but it was the croissant and the perverse pride of being only one of a few people dedicated or insane enough to be out in that wind.

There was an email for the Remember the 10 5K and 10K race in April in my inbox. I’ve never done this race, never done a 10K but I’m thinking of doing it. It’s the week before the Memorial race. I’m hoping to convince Bear to do the Memorial 5K and need something else to get me motivated.


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