the widow playlist (wip)

This is a collection of songs that stuck out to me, poked me and said “listen.” Something in each of these has weight and importance, relevance to my situation. I don’t want to overthink it but just listen and let it sink in. I will probably add songs as needed but for now this is what I need.

Halo, Depeche Mode

From the Devotional tour, my favorite version because Dave is on heroin and broken. You can see his separation from the band in the staging. Despite what he’s doing to his body his voice is ironically at its peak here and he is still Dave freakin’ Gahan, nothing can or will change that. The chorus assures us that Dave is stronger than his demons, that even if we/he deserve it, it will be worth it. Even sick, skinny and broken he’s still amazing. Also see below.

Walking In My Shoes, Depeche Mode

Perfect, Pink

I love this song and it should be required listening for girls from birth on up. It will do more for you than any self help book or ‘good’ advice about what you should do now you’re alone. Listen on repeat as much as needed.

Rescue, Yuna

I read somewhere she wrote this song after hearing about the experiences of female refugees at the UN, women from war-torn countries who lost nearly everything but survived. If they can so can I.

This is currently my favorite song. The video is just, so, just watch and soak it in. Soak it all in and watch again.

Update, nine more months down the road I heard this and knew I wanted to add it to the Playlist. Sitting in the drive-thru at Sonic I listened to it and the following lines were beautiful to me, the honesty and sentiment conveyed were nothing short of perfect.

I’ve got nothing left
It’s kind of wonderful, because there’s nothing they can take away

There’s more, but it’s a song of failure, loss and futility but what can you do besides get up every day and just go on? The songwriter may have had a totally different intention and meaning in these words but this is what I heard. It’s my interpretation, based on my experience and world view. So there.

Finally this one. Jerry would tell me that I was beautiful  and in his eyes I was. I would argue with him, and admit I refused to believe it. He wasn’t someone who flattered people or exaggerated, he was low-key and quiet. When he said something he meant it, He liked this song, but I think he mostly liked Bruno’s hat. Either way it reminds me of him and the things he’d say,“>http://


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