story of a protein bar

new version

new version



old vs new, side by side

old vs new, side by side

More like the evolution of a protein bar, my favorite food source was revised and I’m not really thrilled about the changes. The photos tell the story–smaller bars. The new ones are 1.59 ounces while the old ones were a more substantial 1.76. They did shave off 20 calories but it also lost 3 grams of protein. Not a huge loss but darn. They did not increase the price and I am grateful for that.
The next question is “how does it taste? ” The taste is about the same, maybe a little better. But I did my taste test with a new fresh 1.59 bar and a 1.76 bar that’s been sitting on top of my fridge for a week so that should be considered. I scarfed them both, in the interest of science and the protein bar enthusiasts out there (hi to both of you).

One downside of being a bariatric surgery patient is having to plan your meals by volume. No five course dinners or pigouts at Golden Corral for you, lest you be miserably, possibly violently, sick. Although most people are encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables if you do you run the risk of missing some basic nutrients, protein the main one. If, like me, you are no longer a carnivore getting your protein is not easy. Which is why I practically live on the things. That these are double chocolate makes it a little nicer. The Life Choice people are not paying me or sending me free bars so I am not obligated to them, which is a good thing because I”m bummed over the changes.

They are smaller, longer but flatter, have less protein but seem proud of it. I hate a smug protein bar. I’ll eat it but just want it to know that while I’m crushing it with my teeth. I’ll continue to buy and eat these bars but I feel like some level of trust is gone and it’s not the same.


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