New Year’s day

I stayed home last night, listened to the Wings beat the Devils and made the last batch of Scooby Snacks. Bear stayed home too, he’s still getting over his cold but said he got happy new year’s greetings from Germany and China.

We stayed up til midnight. When we woke up the streets had iced over and travel was discouraged. I learned about the black ice firsthand when I took Olive out and I fell, ripping my jeans. We had our black-eyed peas and decided not to go to the movies.I planned to go to yoga too but now there’s no way.

It’s a low-key beginning. It’s probably what we would have done if Jerry were here, eat, watch Netflix and stay in. It’s
different from last year when it was him and me, both wondering about Bear and what
the year would be like. I don’t know how this year will be, what will happen but in all honesty we never know. It’s a good thing in most cases.The only thing I can imagine is I’ll enter the next year in a
different place, possibly a different city. A different job, climate and even different life. Wherever I am I plan to be with Olive and that gives me reassurance.

Now I’m going to read, finish the laundry and hope to see the last period of the Winter Classic. Happy New Year’s day to all.


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