the results of gastric bypass, in a few paragraphs

I’m not the author and I saw this on facebook, it comes courtesy of CNN and a local TV channel and was based on the experiences of this woman. It’s  a general overview of life after the rouen-y gastric bypass and while I haven’t shared all these experiences I agree with it overall. I found it interesting and anyone who is thinking that the operation is a cop-out and instant fix should read this, it’s short and very accessible. Enjoy!

What they never tell you about losing a lot of weight




2 thoughts on “the results of gastric bypass, in a few paragraphs

  1. Interesting. I am not sure I agree totally with how she feels, but then I was not as heavy as she was, and I don’t have that much excess skin, I have been lucky. I agree that too many think this path is the easy one, some don’t understand it takes something like this surgery to make it happen for some. I wish all those who have made this choice the best of luck.

  2. Yes, I am thankful I don’t have too much excess skin, and I don’t have scars on my abdomen that someone would be repulsed by. Her story is raw, and honest. Im sure other woman in her weight range will have similar stories. Thanks for sharing this.

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