protein bar taste test

Although there are lots of protein bars out there, with varying nutritional values and tastes, I’ve been loyal to one, Life Choice. They have 21 gm of protein and 190 calories per bar, are cheap (Wal-Mart has them) and most importantly, they taste good. Most high protein bars, with more than 10 gm of protein, tend to be higher in calories and some of the lower protein bars do too. Even the healthy bars life Clif and Luna do, which I was surprised to learn when I started to read their labels. Because of my special nutritional needs I want a bar that’s less than 200 calories per serving and has 20 gms of protein. I don’t eat meat except for fish, partly for ethical reasons but mostly because I’ve lost my taste for mammal flesh. I also don’t want to gain back the weight I lost after my gastric bypass so I try to watch my calories, I try but a few get by me. 

So when I was in Target today I saw a new protein bar, with 21 gms of protein and promising 180 calories.My eyes lit up when I saw they were on sale and though they cost considerably more than Life Choice I bought them. Pure Protein, a Target exclusive. I tried one about an hour ago and though I love Target and appreciate their foray into the high protein bar market I’m sorry to say they were disappointing. Not nasty but the taste was, well, meh.  A lot of meh, they reminded me of those diet meal bars I used to eat in high school, some brand that no longer exists (and for good reason). Like the cookie that stirred Proust’s memories these artificial flavors reminded me of a time when I was perpetually hungry and cranky.

I am picky but the truth is I have very little space in my stomach so what goes in has to be worthwhile and taste really, really good. I’m also trying to undo a lifetime of training to clean my plate, no matter what. I was told if I didn’t finish it would be considered an insult and a waste of food. Even when I’m at home and there’s no need to protect anyone else’s feelings I still struggle with this. I deliberately stopped eating the bar because I realized I didn’t like it and it was all right to leave it. I plan to take them to my sister’s house; she or our dad will eat the darned things but I’m figuring dad will, probably while he watches Gunsmoke.   

So Life Choice 1, Protein Power 0. 

Disclaimer: I’ve not received any money or goods from either Wal-Mart or Target, this was my own experiment using my own money and not influenced in any way from either Wal-Mart or Target. For the purposes of the taste test I compared the Life Choice double chocolate bar with the Pure Protein chocolate deluxe. 


2 thoughts on “protein bar taste test

  1. Thanks for the tip! These may be useful for hiking trips etc. however, I worry about the sugar content of many of these packaged bars. How about that issue? (Recently had a cavity, so that is on my mind now…)

    • I looked at the ingredients on both boxes and they both contain sugar. Pure Protein has sucralose and Life Choice has (gulp) corn syrup in addition to regular sugar. So they aren’t ideal for some people, diabetics in particular. It always helps to read labels.

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