three in one

I did 3 workouts today. I lifted my 8 lb weights and did some sit-ups this morning, which was more intense than it sounds, at least for me. Then I went to yoga class at 10am, with 29 other people, the biggest class I’ve been in so far. This was the main event of my workout day and I sweated like a pig while trying not to poke or kick the people around me. I walked at the lake for an hour and half, not sure how far I went but it was good to be outside since the day wasn’t hot and the lake nearly deserted for the holiday. I did this not for bragging rights or to prove anything, not really, but it’s good to know I can. I did it because my dad is going into the hospital tomorrow to be fitted with a pacemaker. I will go to work but leave early and make it to the hospital so I can be there when he comes out of recovery. My sisters, my nephew and Jerry are going to be there too. He will have plenty of company and a small entourage Wednesday when he leaves the hospital.  


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