post race

The race started two hours late. Rain and lightning caused the delay and most of the runners sat it out in parking garages. The race was supposed to start at 6:30, then 7, then 8 and finally a few minutes later conversations stopped when we could hear someone singing the national anthem.

The race was good. Because there were over 25,000 people it was a little slow going at the start and crowded the rest of the way. I made it up the Walnut street bridge, AKA Holy Shit Hill and the rest fell into place. In the end I finished in 40:13, about 12:58 a mile. Not fast but good for me and even the fast people were slower as well, there’s too many people in the race, in any of the races, to go fast. You will collide with other people or even run them down if you move too quickly, even going slow you may collide with other people.

When I first got downtown. about 5:30 I went by the memorial. It’s to remind me that I’m not doing this just for a t-shirt but to honor the memory of those killed 19 yrs ago in the bombing. It’s a simple way to declare evil won’t win.


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