two days to go

We’re two days from the Memorial race. Last year I did the half marathon, 13 miles of elation and aching. This year I’m doing the 5K and I’ve been training half-assed, to be honest. I think I’m getting jaded. I know I can do this but I also know I won’t do it as well as I could. My last 2 races were so-so and I really didn’t care and I feel the same ennui now. I have decided this will be the last race I’ll do for awhile. Until I can feel excited and really pour myself into doing the work it’s best to abstain. I have plenty of t-shirts.

I could blame yoga. I really enjoy it and it is almost the opposite of jogging. Jogging is solitary and I can do as much or as little as I want. It’s what I enjoyed about it. But it’s also a matter of time, I have only a few hours to exercise during the week and I go to yoga class 2 times a week. I want to give my aged body a rest between workouts and so jogging gets put off for another day. I know I need to manage my time better, find a way to do both but that’s too much like work. Maybe after I finish my book.

I think I may be burned out on jogging. A break from telling myself I need to do this, that I need to improve my time and my distance, not have a specific goal.


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