well, that’s a first

A few days ago I was walking Olive and she stood stockstill when she saw a man walking toward us. I tried to get her to move but no go and the man approached us. I had seen him before, he said hi to me a few times before, even though I don’t know him. He started to chat with me and tried to pet Olive, who was still standing still with her tail between her legs. He was friendly and started talking to her while looking at me.

My dog is usually friendly, she likes people overall. Other animals not so much, but this dude made her nervous and I think she was picking up on my mood. It made me nervous too because I thought this guy was flirting with me and that was unexpected and strange.

I mumbled something about her being intent on an object before and that my husband said she did the same thing with him. The man petted Olive and made a hasty exit.

Two days ago I saw this man when I was on my way to the mailboxes. I gave him a brief nod, an acknowledgement but he looked away and ignored me. It was a brief but awkward moment and for me, a first. I’ve not had to turn down a man before, not in over 20 years. Being a married, unattractive introvert shielded me from this. I felt badly, for a moment. I didn’t find him attractive or interesting though he probably is a nice person. But I am living with my ex-husband again and it is a mutually advantageous relationship–he walks Olive, I cook–and I’m not looking for anyone anyway.

I am not beating men off with a stick, I’m not a head-turner. I’m a fairly decent looking old broad but that’s it. So this surprised the heck out of me.  I never expected it and it was an odd position in which to find myself. If anyone had told me before my surgery this could happen I would have laughed.


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