the race playlist

I did my first 5K of the year yesterday. I had trained, mostly on the treadmill and increased my speed so I felt confident I could do this. Yet I was nervous, it has been over a year since my last race, I’ve been a slug most of the year and this was a course and race I’ve never done. I made a race playlist to help me along, most were new songs (new to me anyway) and a couple of old favorites. My thanks goes to freegal and Metro and Pioneer library systems for letting me try new songs and download them for free.

Sky is the Limit  DJ Antoine {I love this song, there’s a break that makes me push forward and had me bouncing on the balls of my feet}

Can’t Hold Us   Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton

Adrenaline     Ricky Martin featuring Jennifer Lopez {With a title like this you can’t go wrong}

Bandz     Mill Jones Band

Indrodu Thadaigal    Chennai City Gangster soundtrack

Hit That Perfect Beat   Bronski Beat {An old favorite, it goes on every race playlist, it’s tradition}

Talking Dreams    Echosmith

Dare You   Hardwell featuring Matthew Koma {Lyrics include “I dare you to run, I dare you to try,” also has a great break}

Snow   Mill Jones Band

I Belong to You   Tiësto featuring CazziOpeia

Do You Wanna Funk With Me   Sylvester {Another old fave, I love the laser sounds}

Break My Fall  Tiësto featuring BT

I take my playlists seriously, I want music with a heavy beat, fast and consistent. No dubstep. I want stuff that motivates and encourages me, lyrics that are positive as much as possible. Lyrics in other languages can be a bonus, I may not speak or understand the words but I can appreciate the voices and rhythm and I’m not distracted by analyzing the lyrics . I want music I genuinely like and that makes this a hard job sometimes. There are more songs that I like and would have included but these were the top 12 and I’ll probably make other lists for the Earlywine and Memorial races too.

Jerry made me a mix CD of some of his favorite songs to listen to when he walks Olive. I appreciated it and told him I’d give it a try. But his tastes and mine are not the same. He picked a lot of teeny-bopper pop Top 40 stuff like Katy Perry and one song that gives me a twitch, “Selfie.” I know it’s parody but still I can’t run/jog to it, I’d be fighting against the music instead of letting it help me get over those hills or tough moments when it seems everybody and their dog has passed me and I want to say the heck with this and quit. The playlist is very important.

I put this on shuffle and let it go. I’m not concentrating on which song is next or thinking about how far along the list I am, I just try to be in the moment. It’s something I’m trying to do in everyday life, not just during a race.


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